Coming to Seattle

English: Seattle composer and educator Neal Ko...

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:

WED. 11/27 – Roro (Dutch percussionist Rogier Smal) + Ti Femme (Helena Sanders) + Lori Goldston and special guests TBA

THU. 12/5 – Sarah Davachi + Total Life + Kaori Suzuki

FRI. 12/6 – Michael Owcharuk

SAT. 12/7 – Cornish electronic music students

THU. 12/12 – Triptet

FRI. 12/13 – Yesod

SAT. 12/14 – Neal Kosaly-Meyer

Review of Wadada Leo Smith’s Ten Freedom Summers at Café Oto

Wadada (Photo credit: andynew)

From LondonJazz:

Three nights of Wadada Leo Smith‘s ‘Ten Freedom Summers’ was an extraordinary experience – for both the audience and the musicians. Affirmative, enlightening, chastening and enriching. A deeply personal response to the civil rights movement’s battles against cultural and institutional racism and segregation in the USA, Wadada’s live direction of this inherently complex, organically evolving large-scale work mirrored real-life scenarios, where nothing is cast in stone, where obstacles and challenges are continually thrown in the path of participants, and where ways to overcome and face up to them have to be mobilised in the blink of an eye.

Ahleuchatistas Interview

Ahleuchatistas - La Faena (Madrid) el 14/10/2009
Ahleuchatistas – La Faena (Madrid) el 14/10/2009 (Photo credit: feiticeira_org)

From 5049 Records:

Shane Perlowin and Ryan Oslance are Ahleuchatistas. They play guitar and drums, respectively, and are two seriously talented and sincere guys. In the middle of a national tour, they came over to my house the morning after a blazing set at the Bowery Electric for bagels, coffee and some real talk. This is a good one that goes to some real places.

Eyvind Kang Interview

English: Eyvind Kang, moers festival 2010
English: Eyvind Kang, moers festival 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Auditoriummag:

Eyvind Kang had to be exhausted. The Seattle-based composer/performer had pared his vast catalog to the precise pieces to perform, flown to New York, organized and rehearsed a disparate collective of musicians, and produced six nights of sound – two wholly different shows a night. To top it off, his weeklong residency was at John Zorn’s avant-garde The Stone, an intimate, sparse space where the edged rosin stroke from Mr. Kang’s viola bow could be heard without the din of conversation and clinking glasses – so long as the air conditioner was turned off, which it was, in the July heat. Mr. Kang said the heat and humidity helped to intensify the ritual element of the performances, and he was right. The dripping audience sat wrapped each night in the undulating rhythms: glass bowls, breathy tubas and cello, muted pianos and drums, and, occasionally, the exotic voice of Mr. Kang’s wife Jessika Kenney. But on the final night, he got more than he expected. Performing pieces from their 2012 composition The Face of the Earth, the lights were turned off and, in total blackness, musicians and audience were almost overcome by the atmosphere.

All About Jazz Reviews

English: Jaga Jazzist at Kampnagel, Hamburg (&...

From All About Jazz:

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