Joe McPhee: Expanding The Nation

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From Burning Ambulance:

Saxophonist Joe McPhee‘s Nation Time is one of the wildest, most mind-blowing free-jazz-funk monster jams of all time. Recorded on December 12 and 13, 1970 and released the following year on the tiny CjR label, it quickly vanished from sight, but not before establishing McPhee’s reputation as a fierce blower and a man with a unique, forward-looking take on free jazz. Indeed, his music was so ahead of its time that five years later, Werner Uehlinger launched his Hat Hut label with Black Magic Man, an album recorded at the same concert and recording session that yielded Nation Time. Three decades later, when Chicago-based critic John Corbett established the Unheard Music Series to reissue rare avant-jazz titles through Atavistic Records, Nation Time was the first disc to get the treatment.