Peter Brötzmann and Keiji Haino in Houston Reviewed

Peter Brötzmann playing the tarogato

From Arts & Culture Texas:

Last month, Nameless Sound brought Peter Brötzmann and Keiji Haino to town. They each played an improvised solo show and later shared a duet. Brötzmann, a German saxophone and clarinet player, began recording in the 60’s and was instrumental in creating a distinctly European avant-garde jazz scene. His powerful tone calls forth images of iron being melted in a pit of molten metal, or maybe a building being demolished. Something is hot and something else is crumbling. Haino, a guitarist and vocalist who created a wild, freely improvised rock and roll in Japan, seems more elusive than Brötzmann. He performs dressed in all black with signature black sunglasses; he cultivates a mysterious persona involving an ascetic abstention from meat, tobacco, and alcohol. His recordings are hard to find here in America, and seem to cover a more diverse ground of styles.