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Kitchen Orchestra, Pika, Haino, Nakahara
Kitchen Orchestra, Pika, Haino, Nakahara (Photo credit: SDLX Tokyo)

From All About Jazz:

The Thing
Boot! (The Thing Records)

Tchicai – Kohlhase – Fewell – McBee – Hart
Tribal Ghost (No Business Records)

Edward Ricart Quartet + Paul Dunmall
Chamaeleon (New Atlantis Records)

Tim Berne‘s Snakeoil track review
Shadow Man (ECM Records)

Nate Wooley
Seven Storey Mountain III And IV (Pleasure Of Text Records)

Kitchen Orchestra extended analysis
Kitchen Orchestra with Alexander von Schlippenbach (Whats Cooking Records)

William Parker extended analysis
Wood Flute Songs: Anthology/Live 2006-2012 (AUM Fidelity)

As Deafness Increases
As Deafness Increases (Va Fongool)