Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

East Of Eden – Snafu
Moloch – Traurer
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Parais – IAO Chant From The Melting Paraiso Underground Fre
Skullflower / Mastery – Split
Death Frees Every Soul – The Plague Carrier
Within – Self Titled
Sean Noonan – Gambler’s Hand
Various Artists – Throne

Coming to Seattle

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:

THU. 11/14 – Bad Luck (Neil Welch, sax/electronics; Chris Icasiano, drums) + WA (Simon Henneman, guitar; Gregg Keplinger, drums)

FRI. 11/15 – Concert Imaginaire: composer David Hahn’s ensemble presents…Electro-acoustic music! 3-way Tango! Hula hoops!

SAT. 11/16, 6 PM – The Box Is Empty & Nonsequitur present pianist R. Andrew Lee performing November, composer Dennis Johnson’s epic (four hours) and nearly-lost classic of proto-minimalism (1959)

FRI. 11/22 – Seattle Modern Orchestra performs open form works by Earle Brown, Tom Baker, Sylvano Bussotti, and Stockhausen

WED. 11/27 – Roro (Dutch percussionist Rogier Smal) + Ti Femme (Helena Sanders) + Lori Goldston and special guests TBA

Rand Steiger / ICE Performance Reviewed

Rand Steiger
Rand Steiger (Photo credit: sonicqueiro)


Spatial music has been around for over 400 years, with composers from Gabrieli to Stockhausen exploiting the acoustic effect that results from separating performers in space. Technological advances of recent decades have made it possible to move sound about a room — and even enhance, distort or multiply it as it travels about — while keeping the musician rooted in place.

On Thursday evening the Miller Theater presented a composer portrait of Rand Steiger that showed how viscerally affecting such computer-processed music can be. Performed by the fiercely committed members of the International Contemporary Ensemble, conducted by the percussionist Steven Schick and processed by Mr. Steiger and his partner in electronic wizardry, Miller Puckette, these chamber works revealed acoustics as a powerful expressive device in music.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour – Podcast 27/2013

English: *description: Wolter Wierbos photogra...

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Gregg Simpson
New Orchestra Quintet Complete Recordings 1978-79

James Hall
Soon We Will Not Be Here: James Hall, Tbn, Comp/ Matthew Vitti, Baritone Vocals, Evan Mazunik, P/ Ronen Itzik, Dr

Michiel Braam
Lucebert: M Braam, P/ Hj Lijbaart, Dr/ a Verpmoegen, Tpt/ T Overwater, B/ B Van Putten, as/ Oleg Hollmann, Bari S/ Wolter Wierbos, Tbn

Rodrigo Amado
the Flame Alphabet: R Amado, Sax/ Jeb Bishop, Tbn/ Miguel Mira, Cello/ Gabriel Fernandini, Dr

Secret Tempo: J Moritz, Ts/ S Dulberger, B/ M Pride, Dr

Shayna Dulberger
Ache &Amp; Flutter: S Dulberger, B/ Y Kretzmer, Ts/ C Welcome, G/ C Costa, Dr

Challenge: Spontaneaous Music Ensemble

Colorado at Clinton: D Gonzalez, Tpt/ a Gonzalez, B/ Stefan Gonzalez, Dr/ a Mittal, as

Ross Hammond
Cathedrals: R Hammond, G/ V Golia, Ts, Ss, FL/ S Liebig, B/ a Cline, Perc

Slippery Rock: Mostly Other People Do the Killing

Brahja Waldman
Closer to the Tones: Braja Waldman 4tet

M Vlatkovich
Succulence of Abstraction: M Vlatkovich, TN/ Kent Mclagen, B/ Chris Lee, Dr

the Destructive Element: H Eisenstadt, Dr/ E Eskelin, Ts/ a Sanchez, P

This Week at the ISSUE Project Room

Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) at Rock en Seine Rout...
Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) at Rock en Seine Route du Rock, August 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the ISSUE Project Room:

Wednesday, November 13th – 7:30pm / 9:00pm
Body/Head & Ikue Mori / J Mascis
Kim Gordon & Tim Barnes

The series opens with a VIP Reception featuring an intimate short set by Kim Gordon with drummer Tim Barnes over food and cocktails from Rucola. At 9:00pm, general entry opens (sold out!). Guitar legend J Mascis opens with a solo performance. Gordon and her recent collaborator Bill Nace headline as the electric guitar duo Body/Head, joined by special guest Ikue Mori on drums— a return to her seminal no-wave roots.

Thursday, November 14th – 8:00pm
Kim Gordon & Jutta Koether
Kim Gordon & I.U.D.

Thursday night sees Gordon paired for the first time with I.U.D.— a ferocious female industrial unit of Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance) and Sadie Laska (Growing, Extreme Violence)— and with Jutta Koether, acclaimed painter, writer, and member of the artist band XXX Macarena. Having collaborated in the past in performances, installations and videos, the duo of Jutta Koether and Kim Gordon share an unabashed pleasure in disregard for technique. The result is physical, fierce and free.