Newsbits: Microscopic Sextet Kickstarter / Ostertag Release / Olivia Block and Others in St. Louis / New York Shows / Zappa Release

Bildbeschreibung: Frank Zappa-Statue von Vacla...
Bildbeschreibung: Frank Zappa-Statue von Vaclav Cesak in Bad Doberan Quelle: selbst fotographiert Fotograf/Zeichner: Hei_ber Datum: 2003 Sonstiges: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Microscopic Sextet have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their next album.

Bob Ostertag has a new release out. The release page happens to have a long overview of this career as well, and is worth a read regardless.

Olivia Block, Sandra Gibson, and Luis Recoder will perform in St. Louis on November 15.

Jazz Right Now has a really nice list of New York improv and creative music shows happening in November.

A new Frank Zappa archival release, Road Tapes, Venue #2, is now out.

And finally, on a lighter note, a chart depicting various “levels” of musical appreciation is available. How low can you go?