AMN Reviews: Aaron Martin / Christoph Berg – Day Has Ended (Dronarivm)

A gorgeous “Well, why not get up out of bed?” Even if you have nothing in particular to do and all the time in the world to do it. Shrugging with titles including “Comfort of Shadow” and “Today Has Been Alright”, American cellist Aaron Martin (a serial collaborator with a nice handful of solo albums to his credit) and Berlin-based composer Christoph Berg (also known for fine electroacoustic work as Field Rotation) pass the day in warm colloquy, both mostly on strings and piano, even though the album is divided into a separate section for each. Martin´s “Burl” personifies that cottage intimacy, with a twanging banjo joined in its meandering thoughts by a housefly of cello. Rich with northernness, Martin´s day closes with the prospect of a bad night´s sleep, however, a thundering church organ with banshees weaving through its pipes.

Long before Day Has Ended, Berg has trouble even getting his started, drifting in and out of sleep on “Pillows” before stretching the wings of his strings and watching them fly out the open window from his piano bench in an elegantly delicate duet. The ghostlier wisps escaped from last night´s dreams infect the rarefied air on the beautifully unresolved penultimate track (ironically named “Things are Sorted Finally”).  And his “Coda” is the cat curling up in your lap.

Stephen Fruitman