Dave Holland Interview

English: current photograph of dave holland
English: current photograph of dave holland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Huffington Post:

I get surprised every time we play. When you’re working with people of this caliber, they’re constantly pushing the creative edge of what they do and we’re looking to, of course, keep change happening in the music, keep it developing. It’s just a natural part of how this music’s played, I think, traditionally. You don’t go up and play the same type of solo every night. You might try and find different ways to cover the tune from one night to the next, so there are often surprises, yeah. The surprises are in the way an interpretation might go down. Kevin [Eubanks] might come up with an interpretation of the melody that hasn’t happened before and you say, “Wow, that really is cool, it sounds great,” or Craig [Taborn] has an idea of doubling part of the melody at one point or changing the octave; all kinds of things happen. This, to me, is part of the joy of playing music with such great players. It’s a thing where nothing happens the same exactly every time we play.