Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

English: Tony Conrad at the DeStijl/Freedom Fr...
English: Tony Conrad at the DeStijl/Freedom From Festival 2003 in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States on 2003-10-04. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

Friday, October 18th – 8:00pm
Tony Conrad
Amen Dunes & Tom Thayer
Lee Noble
$15 / $12 members & students

A pioneering force behind the evolution of minimalism, violinist and composer Tony Conrad’s performances employ a droning, mesmerizing performance idiom of long durations, amplification, and precise pitch to explore new worlds of sound. This evening as part of Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain, Conrad plays solo, a night that opens with the lo-fi analog drones of LA multi-instrumentalist and No Kings label head Lee Noble.

Presented in collaboration with Triple Canopy, a collaborative performance by Damon McMahon aka Amen Dunes and Tom Thayer pairs McMahon’s plaintive, sonorous composition, primarily for voice and guitar, and Thayer’s evocative projections, consisting of strobing digital color forms and analogue abstractions. McMahon and Thayer are joined by collaborators John Jines and Xander Duell.

Saturday, October 19th – 8:00pm
William Basinski
Aki Onda & Raha Raissnia
$20 / $15 members

Advance tickets recommended! Composer William Basinski has been active for over three decades, creating a vast body of haunting and melancholic soundscapes that have secured his place as an icon of contemporary ambient music. Tonight he plays solo.
Aki Onda and Raha Raissnia return to ISSUE for their second duo, performing with black oil paintings, film and slide projectors, tape recorders and tube amps and synthesizer. Projecting 16mm footage with 35mm slides onto a white wall and dark surface of oil paints, Raissnia creates a deepened sense of immersion in an alien landscape, while Onda’s soundscape of field recordings challenge the boundaries of the picture plane, and explore the power of imagination.

Sunday, October 20th – 8:00pm
No-Neck Blues Band
Loren Connors & Tom Carter
Suzanne Langille & Cammisa Buerhaus
$15 / $12 members & students

The No-Neck Blues Band is legendary as one of the most enigmatic, mysterious, and defiantly anti-commercial groups to emerge from 90s New York. Twenty years later, it is still difficult to say exactly what is going on with this group, other than that they will appear in full force for one night, once more, at issue’s behest, to celebrate dual anniversaries: ISSUE’s tenth, and their own twentieth.

Loren Connors, known for his singular adaptation of Delta bottleneck and ancestral blues, is paired with Tom Carter, whose electric guitar work weaves immensely stacked, long-form drones and psychedelic melodies. The iconic and otherworldly songwriter and vocalist Suzanne Langille performs a collaborative set with Cammisa Buerhaus, performing tonight with vocal manipulations, damaged tape loop, and shortwave radio.

Coming Up:

Thursday, October 24th – 8:00pm
Ann Liv Young / Jen Rosenblit & C. Spencer Yeh
Friday, October 25th – 8:00pm
Marina Rosenfeld / David Grubbs & Susan Howe

Saturday, October 26th – 8:00pm
Yarn/Wire play Tristan Perich / Ashley Paul