Experiments In Opera in New York

From Experiments In Opera:

Experiments in Opera ( announces their upcoming quadruple bill, Chorus of All Souls to be held on Saturday November 2, 8pm at Abrons Art Center Playhouse, 466 Grand Street, New York. This performance kicks off their 2013-14 Season and yearlong residency at Abrons Arts Center on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. For tickets ($30), patrons should call Theatermania at 212-352-3101 or visit

A free preview event at Abrons Art Center, Opera in Dialogue, will take place Sunday October 27 from 7 – 9 PM featuring Matthew Welch, Jason Cady, Jessica Pavone, and Paola Prestini (director of VisionIntoArt); moderated by CultureBot founder Andrew Horowitz.

In celebration of the Day of All Souls and the close of Hallowmas, Experiments in Opera, in partnership with VisionIntoArt, presents a semi-staged production of John Zorn’s The Holy Visions, an exhilarating choral opera based on the writings and work of the medieval mystic and composer, Hildegard von Bingen. ’Chorus of All Souls’ will also include the premiere of When No One Around You is There by Jessica Pavone which utilizes the chorus as an abstract metaphor for the human predicament and two semi-staged choral operas: Jason Cady’s Nostalgia Kills You, a comedy about a man and his zombie ex-girlfriend and Matthew Welch’s Reanimator Requiem which merges the mass for the dead with H.P. Lovecraft’s cult classic.

The Holy Visions
By John Zorn
Produced by VisionIntoArt
Projection & Video Design by S. Katy Tucker
Performances by Abby Fischer, Kirsten Sollek, Sarah Brailey, Jane Sheldon and Mellissa Hughes

Nostalgia Kills You
By Jason Cady
Directed by Louisa Proske
Costumes by Seth Bodie
Matthew Welch – conductor
Erin Flannery – Soprano
Vince B. Vincent – Bass

Reanimator Requiem
By Matthew Welch
Directed by Louisa Proske
Costumes by Seth Bodie
Matthew Welch – conductor

When No One Around You is There
By Jessica Pavone

The Chorus
Amanda Weber, Molly Netter, Kathleen Allan, Rachel Calloway, Patrick Fennig, Max Blum, Nick Hallett, Jeffrey Gavett, Peter Stewart – Chorus

The Ensemble
Mike Pride, Tim Dahl, Emily Manzo, Brendon Randall-Myers

Sound Design by Levy Lorenzo
Lighting Design by Masha Tsimring

Chorus of All Souls opens Experiments in Opera’s 2013-14 Season and yearlong residency at the Abrons Arts Center. The residency will continue with a Radio Operas (February 28 – March 1, 2014), a showcase of opera shorts for the radio , and the premiere of Brother Brother (May 2-3, 2014), an evening length opera that has been in development with EiO for the past two seasons. A $60 subscription is available for discounted ticketing to all three events.