Interview with Mary Halvorson & Brandon Seabrook

English: Mary Halvorson, Jazz guitarist; Pictu...

From Roulette Blog:

In a crowded field of guitarists here, there, and everywhere, Mary Halvorson and Brandon Seabrook stand out for the unique ways that they each explore and re-engage with the possibilities of the “new” through the guitar as an instrument of performance and as the nexus of cutting-edge compositions. Coming up this Friday, October 11th at 8pm at Roulette, Halvorson, who has worked as a guitarist and band leader with the finest musicians in avant-jazz, improv, and more (Anthony Braxton, Marc Ribot, Ingrid Laubrock, Jessica Pavone), and Seabrook, who blazes away in Seabrook Power Plant, and more recently, in Gerald Cleaver’s avant-jazz ensemble, Black Host, come together for their second-ever performance as a duo. In this interview, the two Boston natives and current Brooklyn-ites discuss their upcoming performance, influences, and give a shout out to the – er – Boston Celtics.