Newsbits: Graphic Scores in the UK / Godspeed’s Polaris / Pisaro and Nishikaze in the UK / Lescalleet and Drumm

Godspeed You Black Emperor! performing live on...

On Thursday 3rd October, 8pm, at Turner Sims, University of Southampton, UK, SO17 1BJ, Joanna MacGregor (piano), Tom Arthurs (trumpet),
Elaine Mitchener (voice), Oliver Coates (cello), and Isambard Khroustaliov (electronics) perform “Graphic Scores.”

Godspeed You Black Emperor has won Canada’s Polaris Prize, and has written an acceptance speech – sort of.

Also in the UK, at 8pm, Saturday 19th October 2013 at the Roundchapel Auditorium, Powerscroft Road, E5 0PU, Michael Pisaro and Makiko Nishikaze will be featured. Participating in this event will be: Daniel Bennett, Seth Cooke, Stephen Cornford, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Angharad Davies, Jane Dickson, Patrick Farmer, Lawrence Dunn, Bruno Guastalla, Jack Harris, Sarah Hughes, Kostis Kilymis, Dominic Lash, Will Montgomery, Tim Parkinson, Samuel Rodgers, David Stent, Greg Stuart, and Paul Whitty.

Jason Lescalleet and Kevin Drumm have a new recording out, which is reviewed.

AMN Reviews: Jerry Hunt – Haramand Plane

Jerry Hunt: Haramand Plane [Pogus 21069-2]

Haramand Plane is a reissue of the last works of the Texas-based electronic composer Jerry Hunt (1943-1993). A one-time Rosicrucian adept who founded his own correspondence course church at the age of 13, Hunt created music with occult overtones. As he explains in the highly idiosyncratic liner notes accompanying the CD, these final pieces, all dating from 1993, were composed using a “translation” system drawing on tables supposedly encoding angelic name and numbers obtained in seances by the 16th century English occultist John Dee.

Its allegedly supernatural provenance aside, the music sounds like the soundtrack to a film the narrative logic of which hovers just on the other side of comprehension. It’s highly atmospheric, and seems to allude to interior states that like beneath and beyond the capacity to describe them. The pieces move through multiple waves of moods and colors, as for example in the nearly half hour-long Chimanzzi Link (2), where samples of low-pitched strings lend a certain gravitas that is then offset by the exaggerated vibrato of upper register samples.

This Week in Buenos Aires

pepi foto

From Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

At Ladran Sancho , 22.30 hs

Mu Sanchez: guitar
Manquel Lo Presti: contrabass
Alvaro Manzanero: drums
At Virasoro Bar , 21.30 hs
Hernán Merlo (contrabass) – Lucas Goicoechea (saxophones)

At Virasoro Bar 22.00 hs
Paula Shocron, piano
Feniger IN, sax , clarinet
Damian Poots, guitar
Alfonso Santini Darino, contrabass
Martin Lopez Grande, drums

At Onyx Club 23.00 hs
Santiago Leibson: piano.
Maximiliano Kirszner: contrabass.
Nicolás Politzer: drums.

9/26 arre cello ensamble
pieces by Paiuck pilpovich,Liuy and delgado
at Universidad quilmes 20.00 hs

Arre with plays films by Narcisa Hirsch
CC Haroldo Conti 231.00 hs

NOSESO RECORDS 10th anniversary ( experimental )
AT AMPHI , Potosi 4292 18.00 to 23.00hs
Variuos artists from the label + videos.

AT Facultad de Filosofía y Letras – Puan 480, subsuelo 21.00 hs

At Virasoro Bar- 00.300 hs
Rodrigo Agudelo (guitar) – Juani Mendez (sax)
Leo Cejas (contrabass). Martín Lopez Grande (drums).

TRES HOMBRES SOLOS ( free improv )
At 22.00 hs
Marcelo De La Fuente: video
Palo Pandolfo: lecture
Leonel Kaplan: trumpet

At Virasoro 22.30 hs
Pepi Taveira (drums)- Pablo Puntoriero (saxophones)-
Ramiro Penovi (guitar)- Luis Agudo (percussión).

At Virasoro 00.30 hs
Pablo Puntoriero (saxophoness)- Pablo Vázquez (contrabass) – Santiago Lacabe (drums).



September 20, 2013
Dominique Leone Band, Roulette
Aaron Novik Ava Mendoza Dominique Leone Jason Hoopes Jordan Glenn

September 20, 2013
Fred Frith‘s Gravity, Roulette
Aaron Novik Ava Mendoza Dominique Leone Fred Frith Jon ‘Wobbly’ Leidecker Jordan Glenn Kaethe Hostetter Kasey Knudsen Lisa Mezzacappa Marie Abe William Winant

September 17, 2013
Rocket Science, The Stone
Craig Taborn Evan Parker Joe McPhee Peter Evans Sam Pluta

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 22/2013

Vision Festival

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

New Artists
Live at the Freight: Jessica Jones, Ts/ Connie Crothers, P

Kolibri: Iro Haarla, P/ Verneri Pohjola, Tp/ Jari Hongisto, Tbn/ Kari Heinila, Ts, FL, Afl/ Ulf Krokfors, B/ Markku Ounaskari, Dr

in Suspension: Jeremy Long, Sax/ Steven Snyder, Hammond Organ/ Jason Tieman, Dr

Howl: James Romain, Sax/ Nicholas Roth, P/ Mark Engebretson, Computer

Throne of Friendship: Nate Wooley Sextet

Trumpets & Drums: Nate Woolet, Tp/ Peter Evans, Tp/ Jim Black, Dr/ Paul Lytton, Dr

Words Unspoken: George Haslam, Bari Sax/ Steve Waterman, Tp, Flghrn/ Ruben Ferrero, P/ Esmond Selwyn, G/ Dan Messore, G/ Steve Kershaw, B

Away at Home: John Stevens, Dr/ Nick Stephens, El B/ Robert Calvert, Sax/ John Corbett, Tpt/ Nigel Moyse, G/ Marrtin Holder, G

Live in Madison: Luis Lopes Humanization 4tet

Colorado at Clinton: Dennis Gonzalez Yells at Eels Featuring Aakash Mittal

Jonathan Moritz
Secret Tempo: Jonathan Moritz, Ts, Ss/ Shayna Dulberger, B/ Mike Pride, Dr

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

RMEDL/K11 – Chthonian Music
Edward Sol – Pinkballs
Light Collapse – Spira Derespive
Si Zentner/Martin Denny – More/Exotica Suite
The English Heretic – Tales Of The New Isis Lodge
Alo Girl – Die Erbin Des Dracula
Andrea Belfi – Wege
Bad Algorithim – Bathe
Tim Olive & Alfredo Costa Monteiro – 33 Bays
Guillermo Pizarro – Glasswerks

Upcoming New York Shows

From Valerie Kuehne:

Valerie Kuehne
Valerie Kuehne (Photo credit: michaelz1)

The Super Coda at Ange Noir, Installment 2:
Thursday, 9/26
247 Varet st. L to Morgan
8p, $10 donation
8p – Jonathan Chen
9p – Jonathan Vincent
10p – Jonathan is the new Jonathan????
For a list of events through December:

Various Small Flames
Saturday, 9/28
RUSH ARTS: 526 w. 26th st. #311
1-6p, free
I will perform alongside Rob Andrews, who has compiled an ensemble of supra-performers for this durational piece, including: Peter Dobill, Rafael Sanchez, Quinn Dukes McDivitt, Rishika Mehrishi, Valerie Kuehne, Vela Phelan, Dan Ownbey, Ryan McManus and EstheR Neff.

Noisy Things at The Panoply Performance Laboratory
Sunday, 9/29
104 Meserole st. (in WILLIAMSBURG)
8-11p, 5-15$ suggested donation.
Visionary Shredders and Heavy (Sounds Like!) Elvis in Platforms waving Fare-thee-well, Carrilon Bellz, Mementori Mori – Chicken Wings – Hubba Hubba – Hell Yes

Solo performance at Paper Box
Tuesday, 10/2
17 Meadow st., L to Montrose
8-midnight (I perform at 9:45)
Also on ze bill:
8:15 Oded Tzur
9:00 Johanna Warren
9:45 Valerie Kuehne
10:30 Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne
11:15 the songs of christopher paul stelling

ALSO: This weekend is the 5th annual Experi-MENTAL festival, curated by the ever-eloquent Robert Pepper, Brett Zweiman, Panoply Lab, and presented by Pas Musique and Alrealon Musique. For a full line up and more info go here:

Éliane Radigue’s Newest Works Arrive in New York


“It’s like looking at the surface of a river,” the French composer Éliane Radigue said of her music in a short 2009 video portrait produced by the Austrian Institute for Media Archaeology. “There’s an iridescence around the reefs, but it’s never completely the same. According to the way in which you look, you can see the golden flashes of the sun, or the depths of the water.” It would be hard to think of a more direct way to describe the workings of Ms. Radigue’s music, which was featured in two concerts in New York last week and held symbolic sway during a third. Her major pieces, many of which last an hour or more, have a single-mindedness comparable to little that came before them, even among pioneering Minimalists like La Monte Young and Terry Riley. At first brush, her music seems placid and uneventful. Enter willingly, and a secret world of continual, subtle shifts, discreet pulsations and shimmering overtones emerges.