Upcoming New York Shows

From Valerie Kuehne:

Thursday, 9/19, 9p: OPENING NIGHT for the Thursday Night Super Coda at Ange Noir. featuring:
performance artist Joseph Keckler, Silver Process (Joe Merolla, cello/ Chuck Bettis), songwriter/cellist Meaghan Burke
This is the first of many weeks of sonic and performative collision. Each week will feature one sound artist, one performance artist, and one songwriter, working within their respective communities to push the boundaries defined by their “genre” and therefore potentially creating something new entirely.
FOR A FULL LISTING: http://www.thesupercoda.com
on FB – https://www.facebook.com/events/570416036339675/

Friday, 9/20, 8p: The Super Coda at Spectrum, featuring:
Correspondance – http://www.loreilleelectrique.org/correspondence/
featuring: Emilie Lesbros –
Natura Morta (Sean Ali, Carlo Costa, Frantz Loriot – https://soundcloud.com/sean-ali/natura-morta-entropy
Also Performing:
Viv Corringham – http://vivcorringham.org/biography
Tess Walkowski –
15$ suggested donation for performances
shout out in I Care if You Listen: http://www.icareifyoulisten.com/2013/09/this-week-concerts-in-new-york-september-16-september-22-2013/

Saturday, 9/21, 8p: Kills/Kisses at The Panoply Performance Laboratory, curated by Lisa Dowling and Valerie Kuehne, featuring:
Lisa Maree Dowling – http://www.lisamdowling.com/
Valerie Kuehne – http://www.valeriekuehne.com
Nick Jozwiak –
Cameron Orr –
$10 suggested donation for performances