Coming to Seattle

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:

TUE. 9/17 @ 7 PM – NOT AT THE CHAPEL BUT OF RELATED INTEREST: John Boylan’s conversations at Vermillion continue with a discussion on music that crosses genres, moving within and around contemporary classical, experimental, and popular styles. Panelists are Hanna Benn, Evan Flory-Barnes, Steve Peters, and Hollis Wong-Wear. It’s free and participatory.

THU. 9/19 – Danse Perdue, improvisational Harvest Moon butoh performance with live music by Epos Nemo Latrocinium (noisepoetnobody, Vox Vespertinus, Dean Moore, Scott Yolanda Adams)

FRI. 9/20 – Live electronic music with Matthew Ostrowski (NYC) & Doug Theriault (PDX) – live electronic transformations of acoustic and electronic sound sources and manipulation of those transformations live without an escape route… + Gyre (Mike Shannon, David Stanford, Carl Lierman)

FRI. 9/20, 7 PM – ALSO NOT AT THE CHAPEL BUT OF RELATED INTEREST: Steve Peters’ sound installation Lições dos Antepassados opens at Jack Straw New Media Gallery. Drop by on your way to the Chapel concert, or another time through November 8.

SAT. 9/21 – Paul Hoskin presents his annual contrabass clarinet solo. Continuous throughout.

THU. 9/26 – broken bow ensemble, led by Seattle composer John Teske, performs mer, a new 40-minute piece for chamber orchestra that traces the many facets of human consciousness, awareness, and experience

FRI. 9/27 – Seattle pianist Gust Burns presents work from the past 5 months comprised from bird song, record reviews, field recordings, dubplate record, silence, audition, jazz standards, and strolling

SAT. 9/28 – Seattle composer Hanna Benn premiers new works for piano, chorus and string quartet + Kelly Wyse solo piano