AMN Reviews: James Murray – The Land Bridge (Slowcraft)

The Land Bridge by James Murray sounds like bereavment in its earliest, most visceral stage, before a cry can even reach the lips. The intimacies of sorrow are peeled slowly back, down to aching muscle.  On “Give Blood”, Murray seems to even scrape bone.

Distraught and exacting music, beautifully played but with only the occasional glimpse of consolation. Whether by bell, guitar, organ, voice or piano, each track is a dirge, stretching agonizingly, maybe grazed by electronics, reaching for refutation of awful truths that cannot be offered.

The disc is Murray´s second for his Slowcraft label (after Floods), described as a platform for the “unhurried”. The plain, austere gatefold sleeve and squared typesetting is an exquisite extension of his stringently exquisite musical aesthetic.

Stephen Fruitman

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