The Fuse Factory Announces its 2013-2014 Frequency Fridays Season

From Columbus’s Fuse Factory:

Frequency Fridays is heading into its fourth year, featuring sound artists, electronic musicians, and experimental musicians from Columbus and central Ohio, as well as Chicago, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Boston, and California. Frequency Fridays is a monthly performance series featuring visual and sound artists, musicians, makers, and technologists whose experimental work with diverse media investigates the migration of computing out of the desktop PC and into the physical world. Each month, Fuse Factory curators produce a public event involving kinesthetic expression, sonic exploration, and immersive environments made possible by computers, the ‘net, mobile technologies, and homemade instruments. Our curation is inclusive: we do not select performers based on genre. Rather, we are most interested in improvised and aleatoric experimental music that is challenging, uncompromising, and exploratory. The Frequency Fridays series is strictly invitation only – we do not accept unsolicited proposals, and we draw heavily upon the touring musicians and artists we host throughout the year.

All performances take place at the Wild Goose Creative (2491 Summit St., CMH 43202); doors open at 8pm; admission $10 (two for $15) unless noted. Our 2013-2014 Frequency Fridays season is generously sponsored by the The Greater Columbus Arts Council.

Frequency Fridays 2013-2014 season:

October 4 2013: Dark Matter :: White Fire, Meridien (Nick Hennies, Greg Stuart, Tim Feeney), Jon Satrom, Ben Bennett

November 1 2013: Central Inhabitants, Becky Grajeda, Adam Wetterhan, TEXTBEAK

December 6 2013: Forest Management, Nautical Almanac, Hard R, Samuel Hoar

January 3 2014: Jessica Rylan, Scenic Railroads (Mike Shiflet, Joe Panzner), Cheryl Pyle + Premik Russell Tubbs, Aaron Quinn

February 7 2014: Nakatani Gong Orchestra

March 7 2014: Monica Panzerino, Lesley Flanigan, Peter + Jessica Speer, Tone Elevator

April 4 2014: Vic Rawlings, Anna Friz, Al Margolis + Tom Hamilton, Brett Burleson + Ryan Jewell

May 2 2014: Hot Date (Shayna Dulberger + Chris Welcome), C. Lavender, Brian Labycz, Circuitry Room

June 6 2014: Truus de Groot, James Connolly, FBK (Kevin Kennedy), Plural (James Johnson)