Another John Zorn Interview

John Zorn
John Zorn (Photo credit: volume12)

From NPR, with audio:

At 60, New York City-based composer John Zorn is wiser, sure, but no less prolific, thoughtful and antagonistic than before. His oeuvre is fantastically wide, from cutthroat jazz improvisation and pummeling noise-rock to gorgeous chamber music and, believe it or not, a genuine Christmas album. The saxophonist also runs the prolific Tzadik label, which releases Zorn’s many works — including his latest album, Dreamachines — and highlights a vast swath of avant-garde and experimental music.

Portland in September

From Portland’s Creative Music Guild:

Alyssa Reed-Stuewe & Amenta Abioto
September 4, 2013 — 8pm (ends by 10)
$5-15, sliding scale
Revival Drum Shop
1465 NE Prescott Ave

Seven Engines & Ollis/Gaynor/Savage
September 18, 2013 — 8pm (ends by 10)
$5-15, sliding scale
Revival Drum Shop
1465 NE Prescott Ave

Ben Goldberg‘s Unfold Ordinary Mind & Blue Cranes
September 23, 2013 — 8PM
Mississippi Studios
3939 N Mississippi Ave

This Week in Buenos Aires

adrianaFrom Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

TARRES/BOLOTIN TOGANDER = silence ( texts by john cage)
tarres, guitar
bolotin , viloin
togandor, voice
Virasoro bar 21.30 hs

Ramiro Flores (sax) – Gustavo Musso (sax) – Lucio Balduini (guitar) – Cirilo Fernández (piano) – Daniel Pipi Piazzolla (drums) – Mariano Sívori (contrabass).
Virasoro Bar , 22.00 hs

tatiana castro , piano
hector rodriguez,drums
guillermo roldan , bass
enrique norris, cornet
At Casa Presa , 21.30 hs

Virasoro Bar | 21:30hs
Sergio Verdinelli (drums) – Mono Fontana (synths)

Adriana de los Santos, piano prepared piano with motors
federico Zypce: motors composer
esteban Insinger, electronics
carolina Rovira , contrabass
ramiro Larrain , winds
Luis Mihovilcevic , piano pieces
At CC Julian Centella , 21.00 hs

Virasoro Bar | 19 hs

Luis Nacht (sax) – Patricio Carpossi (guitar) – Juan Pablo Arredondo (guitar) – Mauricio Dawid (contrabass) – Sergio Verdinelli (drums).
Virasoro Bar | 22:00 hs

Omar Grandoso,trombone
Leandro Kalen,keyboards
Lucas Sofia,drums
EL CULTURAL altolaguirre 2388 ,22.00 hs

AMN Reviews: Wire Assembly – Three Chairs

Wire Assembly: Three Chairs [Electronic Musik em 193]

This EP in the form of a free download is the second release from Wire Assembly, the Sheffield, UK guitar trio of Neil Carver, John Jasnoch and Ian Simpson. The two longish tracks were recorded live this past spring at the Chorlton Arts Festival in Manchester, England.

Although experimental in nature, both of these high-spirited improvisations are notable for the predominance of straightforward sounds—often recalling the rounded tone of classic jazz guitar—from all three players. No effects seem to have been used, outside of some phase-shifting on Simpson’s guitar on the first piece. The second piece features some out-technique from Carver, but for the most part this is a recording of melodic and harmonic invention on the fly.

The playing is a pleasure to listen to. The improvisations never lose focus or momentum—all three guitarists are adept at throwing out and accepting gambits, and often finishing each other’s phrases while doing so. The tasks of comping, playing single note lines and even hinting at a bassline—as Jasnoch does on occasion—are continually shifted around, keeping the sound moving ahead. Particularly exciting are those moments when a spontaneous, obliquely jazz-like chord progression breaks out, as when Jasnoch and Simpson do the free improv equivalent of chase choruses over Carver’s motile harmonies.

Dennis Rea Interview

Dennis Rea (photo: Anne Joiner)
Dennis Rea (photo: Anne Joiner) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From All About Jazz:

Based in Seattle, guitarist Dennis Rea has a long history playing creative and experimental music as well as progressive rock. In the late 1980s and early 1990s he lived and performed in China, putting together some of the earliest tours by Western musicians performing non-mainstream music, and in 2006 he published a book about his experiences there entitled Live at the Forbidden City: Musical Encounters in China and Taiwan. Rea also has a history of being involved in organizing creative music events and is a co-organizer of the Zero-G concert series “with a focus on exploratory electric instrumental music…spotlighting a multifarious selection of the region’s most adventurous instrumentalists from diverse scenes, from accomplished scene veterans to head-turning emerging artists,” and in July 2013, with partners Jon Davis and John Reagan, he spearheaded the coordination and production of Sea Prog, Seattle’s first weekend-long progressive rock festival in more than a decade.

ShapeShifter Lab September Highlights

From New York’s ShapeShifter Lab:

On Sept 21, Matthew Garrison is shapeshifting into “DJ ƧhapeƧhifter”. Completely new direction for this artist. Like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard him create before! The evening will be joined by Pookestra 2.0 – the Electronica.

9:30 the Pookestra
POOKESTRA 2.0 – the Electronica

The Pookestra is a Brooklyn based chamber orchestra of musicians from different genres, founded by German violinst, drummer and composer Carolin Pook. Pook, who has been commissioned to write music for large orchestra and the Roy Hargrove Quintet as well as for Free Jazz legend Peter Brötzmann, will be curating her second event of Cross Over Craziness at ShapeShifter Lab: electronic sounds and songs, mixed with conducted free improvisations will be performed by Jazz, Opera and Rock singers + contemporary string 4-tet and a one of a kind 5-piece rhythm section, followed by a duo performance of esteemed jazz pianist and analog-synth enthusiast Pete Rende and the teutonic digitalism of Wolff Parkinson White (Jochen Rueckert’s electronic moniker), and to top it off, the true mastermind of ShapeShifter Lab himself – Matt Garrison a.k.a. “DJ ƧhapeƧhifter” – will provide some hot Dance Electronica from the speakers and invite special surprise guests on stage to play, and you to dance!

SimakDialog from Indonesia will be in New York on Sept 4 (curated by MoonJune Records) for an evening of progressive experimental jazz. Come join the well-known group for an extraordinary evening.

Besides music for grown-ups, we have Timbalooloo (Oran Etkin) on Sept 8 for an afternoon of fun music performance for children. What’s great about it is that it’s also interactive!

Big Bands: Alan Ferber is releasing his CD with his big band project “March Sublime” on Sept 17, and Michael Formanek is returning this time with his big band project on Sept 26. We’re very excited!

Coincidently, another two great bassplayers besides Wooten and Matt are presenting their projects here this month: Jim Cammack and Friends (Sept 16) and Linda Oh Quartet (Sept 27). Returning to ShapeShifter Lab with her residency project is Kelli Sae’s Brooklyn Grind (Sept 18) and we will have Bobby Selvaggio Featuring Aaron Goldberg, Ashley Summers and Chris Baker.

Search and Restore is presenting two projects here that should not be missed. There will be three nights of Sexmob (Sept 12, 13, 14) and an evening with Kneebody (Sept 28).