Peter Brötzmann, Michiyo Yagi and Fred Van Hove shine at Berlin’s three-day celebration of the avant-garde

English: Peter Brötzmann, moers festival 2010
English: Peter Brötzmann, moers festival 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Jazz Wise:

Staring out from glaring pink posters, the wired eyes of a deranged toy monkey – cover image for Berlin’s A L’Arme! Festival – gave further indication (if the name was not yet enough) as to the event’s artistic agenda: strap in for three nights of uncompromising avant-garde music! The second edition of this Spree-side improv spree duly delivered on arresting moments. The power couple of Thurston Moore and Mats Gustafsson made the main hall tremble in the climactic peaks of their Friday set, as gentle bowed-guitar drones and saxophone sparks gave way to shattering sub-bass electronics and feedback screams. In the same room the previous evening, the Falling River Music of esteemed Chicago composer Anthony Braxton.