AMN Reviews: Night Shift – Trespasser´s Guide to Nowhere (Time Release Sound)

Night Shift is a collaboration between a trio of Russians featuring brand-new names (or at least marks) Roman Tcherezov, “V” and “M.B.” on guitars, drums, bass and other conventional band instruments, and Finnish texturist Olli Aami, who has released lo-fi, distressed but precious experimental ambient under monickers including Ous Mal and Nuojuva. Yet their debut sounds less like a band and more a tape-collage collective, a quartet of Situationists ripping up the pavement to reveal the beach beneath and then digging a hole all the way to China.

Trespasser´s Guide to Nowhere is a seventy-seven minute guidebook to everywhere, sampling film dialogue, Finnish and Russian folk melodies, mad clarinets, train station announcements and pirate radio station identification, barking teams of dogs, kindergarten playgrounds, military tattoo, throat singing and plainsong, interstitched with field recordings and antic, hallucinatory electronics. It spins like the whirlwind, but slowly enough so that each and every detail can be closely examined by the listener. Sprawling and byzantine, it´s a bit like the old Russian Empire, before the Czar, before the Soviets, with its hundred-plus, far-flung ethnic minorities perplexing monocultural Muscovy huddling within its forest fortress.

Stephen Fruitman