AMN Reviews: Hagman – TKT and TMS (Sheepscar Light Industrial) / Fabio Perletta – Field: Atom(s) Entropy (Farmacia901)

One drone, indivisible. The otherwise unrelated Daniel and David Thomas turn another rainy day in England into a duotone portrait of wired and plumbed industrial Albion, tightly twisting low-frequency electronic thrum and rusty buzz into a steel braid until it reverberates gloriously, deep down in the marrow, ending with a flourish.

One drone, hardly visible. Fabio Perletta inaugurates his label´s “Color Series Project” on a clear five-inch compact disc with a cool grey centre, which intends to document the “inter-relationship between sound, vector graphics and colors”.  Mere vapor as opposed to TKT and TMS´ visceral flex, Field: Atom(s) Entropy is microscopic, a chimerical whiff of bouncing, glittery molecules borne by a drone of almost angelic beatitude.

Stephen Fruitman