Mary Halvorson on Her Stone Residency

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From Search & Restore:

Mary Halvorson is a guitarist with a voice that is instantly recognizable. Not only does she have a wholly unique guitar sound—with precise picking patterns, peppered with joyously experimental effects—but she also has a real gift for writing harmonically rich, forward-thinking compositions which have been showcased on her previous three records: the two quintet discs Saturn Sings (2010, Firehouse 12) and Bending Bridges (2012, FH12), and the trio album Dragon’s Head (2008, FH12). Halvorson has an excellent new septet record coming out in early September, Illusionary Sea (FH12), and she is bringing that band to The Stone for three nights of her residency there this week, along with a few other exciting projects. I asked Mary about her week at The Stone, the new record, and her life.

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