Peter Brötzmann at Cafe Oto Reviewed

Peter Brötzmann on tenor saxophone @ MN Sur Se...

From The Quietus:

This music is the purest kind, choosing to usurp notions such as pitch, rhythm or melody in the search for its sounds. Its spontaneity is what can initially draw a listener in, with the default praise for group improvisation being a congratulation of their ‘telepathy’ or ‘chemistry’. The most defining characteristic of Brötzmann’s playing – other than his infamously harsh tone – has always been the way in which the pieces come to life around him.

AMN Reviews: Noah Creshevsky – The Four Seasons

Noah Creshevsky: The Four Seasons [Tzadik #8097]

Composer Noah Creshevsky has worked in electronic music—mostly through constructions made of sampled sounds—for over forty years. This new release in the Tzadik label’s Composer Series is intended as a retrospective of his work of the past twenty years. Perhaps this awareness of the passage of time accounts for the release’s structure: It’s laid out as a single work of four parts dedicated one each to a season, alternating with three brief interludes.

Although electronically composed, the work is rooted in the analog world. Creshevsky takes samples of vocal and acoustic instrumental performances and edits them to create sounds that couldn’t be produced under ordinary circumstances. The overall effect is to create virtual ensembles capable of producing exaggerated or “hyperreal” performances that go beyond the limitations of real instruments and performers—while still conserving the warmth and presence of human performance. The virtual ensemble used here is notably large—there are twenty-seven instrumentalists and vocalists credited.

The music consists of very rapid collages based on deconstructed phrases. Creshevsky takes sampled phrases and dismantles them into fragments, and then builds them back up again fragment by fragment, often with each note or cluster of notes carried by a different sampled sound source. Sometimes a phrase will be broken in half and alternated between sources—as when in Summer, for example, strings and voices complete each other’s phrases. Specific historical styles of music may appear—there’s flamenco guitar in Autumn, and hints of minor key Baroque cadences on the strings in the first Interlude. More often, though, the style is sui generis and is apt to leave the listener with a deeper appreciation of the joints and discontinuities that run not only through this music, but through much else besides.

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

Benoît Delbecq, synthetizers + computers
Benoît Delbecq, synthetizers + computers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Free Jazz:

Digital Primitives – Soul Searchin’ and Lipsomuch (Hopscotch, 2013) ****
Alexandra Grimal – Dragons – Heliopolis (Cordes et Âmes, 2013) ***½
Anthony Braxton – Sax Quintet (New York) 1998 (New Braxton House, 2013)
Benoît Delbecq & Fred Hersh Double Trio – Fun House (Songlines, 2013)
Bushman´s Revenge: Electric Komle – Live! (Rune Grammofon, 2013)
Alan Broadbent – Heart To Heart (Chilly Bin Records, 2013)
Charnet Moffett – Spirit Of Sound (Motema, 2013)
Todd Bishop Group – Little Played Little Bird (Origin, 2012)
Albatre – A Descent Into The Maelstrom (Shhhpuma, 2013) ****
Lisa Ullén & Nina De Heney feat. Okkyung Lee – Look Right (LJNaxos, 2013) ****

Mary Halvorson on Her Stone Residency

English: Mary Halvorson, Jazz guitarist; Pictu...

From Search & Restore:

Mary Halvorson is a guitarist with a voice that is instantly recognizable. Not only does she have a wholly unique guitar sound—with precise picking patterns, peppered with joyously experimental effects—but she also has a real gift for writing harmonically rich, forward-thinking compositions which have been showcased on her previous three records: the two quintet discs Saturn Sings (2010, Firehouse 12) and Bending Bridges (2012, FH12), and the trio album Dragon’s Head (2008, FH12). Halvorson has an excellent new septet record coming out in early September, Illusionary Sea (FH12), and she is bringing that band to The Stone for three nights of her residency there this week, along with a few other exciting projects. I asked Mary about her week at The Stone, the new record, and her life.

New York’s Spectrum Features the Eavesdropping Series

English: Elliott Sharp live at Saalfelden 2009...
English: Elliott Sharp live at Saalfelden 2009 Italiano: Elliott Sharp live a Saalfelden 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the Spectrum:

Fall 2013 Series at a Glance:

Sep 12 Eavesdropping presents Elliott Sharp meets Either/Or
Oct 17 Eavesdropping: Plugged & Unplugged featuring guitarist Nadav Lev, mezzo-soprano Rinat Shaham and violinist Miranda Cuckson
Nov 14 Eavesdropping: Objective Sound with tentatively scheduled presenting artists including Lesley Flanigan, Philip White, Daniel Davidovsky, Nadav Assor, Ronen Shai, Katie Down, Kenny Wollesen, Terry Dame & more
Dec 12 Eavesdropping: Pianos featuring Kathleen Supové & Sidney Boquiren