AMN Reviews: Squetti – squetti

Squetti – squetti [echomusic]

The six unnamed tracks on this release from the trio of Artur Matamoro Vidal (alto saxophone, objects and radio), Maria Papadomanolaki (transmitters and electronics), and electric guitarist Yiorgis Sakellariou were recorded over the course of two sessions at the London College of Communication this past June.

All six pieces are largely devoted to experiments in sound color and texture. Although the individual tracks differ from one another, taken collectively they trace a kind of narrative arc that begins with a surf of white noise and (literally) struck guitar strings, moves to a solo for radio (track 2) and through to an insistent pattern of guitar chords moving in half steps (track 5), and culminates in a denouement of fluttering sax and pulsing electronics. The three musicians play with a sensitivity that allows their voices to shift back and forth in dominant and subordinate roles, creating spontaneous structures based on timbral relationships. Individual contributions interlace into a collective object of variable dynamics and shape-shifting profile in which hard-edged electronics, unconventional saxophone and aggressive guitar chords simmer in a tasty ragout of hums, rasps, honks, buzzes and feedback.