July 26, 2013
Holocene Trio, The Stone
Christopher Hoffman Guy Klucevsek Michael Moore

July 26, 2013
Michael Moore Peter Evans Denman Maroney Tom Rainey, The Stone
Denman Maroney Michael Moore Peter Evans Tom Rainey

July 25, 2013
Chris Pitsiokos Weasel Walter Ron Anderson, JACK
Chris Pitsiokos Ron Anderson Weasel Walter

July 25, 2013
Les Rhinocéros, JACK
Amit Peled Jonathan Burrier Michael Coltun

July 25, 2013
Merrill Clark and the Chums of Chance, JACK
Annette A Aguilar Brenda Vincent Jason Kao Hwang Joel Rudin Matt Goeke Merrill Clark Tia Vincent-Clark

July 25, 2013
Valerie Kuehne with Natalia Barnatny Steinbach and Alex Cohen, JACK
Alex Cohen Natalia Barnatny Steinbach Valerie Kuehne