AMN Picks of the Week: Djam Karet / Samuel Blaser / Michael Blake / Chris Clark

Samuel Blaser Quartet @ Moods_DSC4135

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Djam Karet – The Trip (2013)
Michael Blake – In the Grand Scheme of Things (2012)
Samuel Blaser /  Consort in Motion – A Mirror to Machaut (2013)
Chris Clark – Cedar Wisely (2012)

Upcoming Ron Anderson Shows

English: Ron Anderson at the Silent Barn with PAK
English: Ron Anderson at the Silent Barn with PAK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Ron Anderson:

Saturday, July 20th, 2013
Prospect Range
duet with Al Margolis (violin) & Ron Anderson (Korg-MS 20) – 8pm
1226 Prospect Ave Brookyn NY 11215
Price: $5+ donation
Ron Anderson, Al Margolis
Al Margolis – Activist in the 1980s American cassette underground through his cassette label Sound Of Pig Music, co-founder of experimental music label Pogus Productions. Active under the name If, Bwana since 1984, making music that has swung between fairly spontaneous studio constructions and more process-oriented composition. Also performing on this evening’s bill is: Marcia Bassett, Andrew Lafkas, & Barry Weisblat, Silent Isle trio (Anastasia Clarke with Russ Alderson & Sandy Gordon), John Truscinski.

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013
Interview with Ron Anderson and Chris Pitsiokos – 3 to 6 pm
89.9 FM Web Streaming at
Interview with Ron Anderson and Chris Pitsiokos on WKCR’s Afternoon New Music. They will be talking about SUBGENRE a new music series held at JACK in Brooklyn and their new CD release with Weasel Walter called MAXIMALISM.

Thursday, July 25th, 2013
SUBGENRE 2 – (An Evening of music curated by Ron Anderson) – Les Rhinoceros – Chris Pitsiokos, Weasel Walter, Ron Anderson – Valerie Kuehne – Merrill Clark – 8pm
505+1/2 Waverly Ave Brooklyn NY 11238 USA
Price: $10
This will be the second in a series of music events with Ron Anderson as curator.
The concept is to have four exciting, powerful, new or experiment, avant-goups or solo performers each from different musical genres. Each group or soloist is strictly limited to 30 minutes of performance time.

8pm Merrill Clark – performing world premiers of his compositions – Outlands (the Imaginary Jam with Bruce) – Give a Human something Bright and Shiny – Where the Big Kids Play. Mr. Clark’s compositions have been performed throughout the United States, Europe and Brazil, and he has been awarded many honors, including the 1972 Winner in Composition of the American College Jazz Festival which resulted in his conducting a concert of his works at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, in 1973. He has written many works in a wide variety of genres, from unaccompanied solo works like to large scale orchestral works, including a musical theater piece, two bass concertos, a viola concerto and many chamber works. Mr. Clark has compiled a double CD of chamber music for wind instruments titled, Heart Songs and Science Projects, and will soon release Twisted Bits of Sound for Amplified String Quintet and Percussion. Brenda Vincent (electric violin) Jason Hwang (electric violin) Joel Rudin (electric viola) Matt Goeke (electric cello) Tia Vincent-Clark (electric guitar and vocals) Merrill Clark (electric contra bass) Annette Aguilar (percussion and conductor)

9pm Valerie Kuehne – Cellist and performance artist Valerie Kuehne is a cross-pollinated work of chaos fusing together music, performance art, narrative, and experimental curation. After moving to New York to study Philosophy at The New School, Ms. Kuehne has systematically bifurcated her time between touring the planet, performing in as many unexpected settings as possible, and building a community for experimental music and performance art in New York. Ms. Kuehne’s work operates under principles of surprise, and investigates obsession, comedy, decay, forensic pathology, sex, hypnogogia, viscera, death. She created and composed for the ensemble Dream Zoo and is one third of the improvised music trio Prehistoric Horse.

10pm Chris Pitsiokos (sax, electronics) Weasel Walter (drums) Ron Anderson (guitar) – Weasel Walter and Ron Anderson are both cornerstones of the New York avant-music scene. Since the early nineties, these improvisers and composers have lived a parallel musical existence: Weasel with his band The Flying Luttenbachers and Ron with The Molecules and PAK. Over the last 30 years they have performed with a long list of some of the most creative musicians on the planet and they collectively appear on nearly 200 commercial releases. This night they will be joined by relative newcomer Chris Pitsiokos who has had an incredibly active performance schedule in the last 18 months. Recently, the trio was in the studio recording a new CD that is scheduled for release in July on Eleatic Records and will be available at the performance.

11pm Les Rhinoceros – formed in 2008 by bassist and composer Michael Coltun. a trio consisting of bass, guitar, and drums. Les Rhinocéros was the first release in Tzadik’s new spotlight series – a series focusing on “exemplary young bands with great dedication, passion, talent and imagination.” The series came to life after executive producer John Zorn heard Les Rhinocéros and knew he wanted the band as part of the “Tzadik Family”. Thus the Spotlight Series was born as a means to release this album and, going forward, other albums by exceptional young artists handpicked by Zorn.”

Comming in August three concert with The Molecules!

17th San Deigo, CA
18th Los Angeles, CA
20th Oakland, CA

All About Jazz Half-Year Best-Of

Rudresh Mahanthappa
Rudresh Mahanthappa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All About Jazz presents a half-year best-of:

This month, at the halfway point in the year of music, we are taking stock, and there have been so many great discs released. Here is my list (in no particular order) of the best albums so far. I predict many of these will make final top ten 2013 lists. Sorry, I couldn’t keep my list to ten.

The Ex & Brass Unbound—Enormous Door (Ex Records)
Federico Ughi—Federico Ughi Quartet (FMR)
Rachel Musson/Mark Sanders/Steve Noble—Tatterdemalion (Babel)
Matt Parker—Worlds Put Together (BYNK)
Petr Cancura—Down Home (Roots To Boot)
Hashem Assadullahi Quintet—Pieces (OA2)
Frank Rosaly—Cicada Music (Delmark)
Fire! Orchestra—Exit! (Rune Grammofon)
Ken Vandermark/Made To Break—Lacerba (Clean Feed)
Steve Coleman—Functional Arrythmias (Pi)
Ivo Perelman—Serendipity (Leo)
Gilad Hekselman—This Just In (Jazz Village)
Peter Evans—Zebulon (More Is More)
Rudresh Mahanthappa—Gamak (ACT)
John McNeil—Hush Point (Sunnyside)
Mats Gustafsson/Merzbow/Balazs Pandi—Cuts (Rare Noise)

A Karlheinz Stockhausen Work Has Its North American Premiere

English: Karlheinz Stockhausen on 7 March 2004...
English: Karlheinz Stockhausen on 7 March 2004 during the mix-down of ANGEL-PROCESSIONS in Sound Studio N, Cologne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If the recent Karlheinz Stockhausen boomlet in New York keeps up, eventually, chunk by chunk, this German composer’s entire “Licht” cycle — comprising seven operas, one for each day of the week, and lasting a total of 29 hours — may wind up being performed here. In March the Park Avenue Armory presented “Oktophonie,” a 70-minute electronic work that is the second act of “Dienstag aus Licht,” the Tuesday installment of the cycle, which depicts a cosmic battle between the forces of Michael, the archangel, and his nemesis, the fallen angel Lucifer, two of the three main characters in the cycle.

August at the Spectrum

English: Weasel Walter playing bass, with Marc...
English: Weasel Walter playing bass, with Marc Edwards at the Silent Barn in NYC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From New York’s Spectrum:

Thursday 1 August
7 PM
Kettle Corn New Music

From producer Alex Weiser: Please save the date for Kettle Corn New Music – August 1st, at Spectrum. The show will feature Mellissa Hughes and Lisa Moore performing an evening of art song with premieres by myself (a new song cycle with text by poet Laura Marris), Chris Rogerson, and Ryan Harper, as well as some wonderful music by Martin Bresnick, Ted Hearne, Yotam Haber, Aaron Jay Kernis, Samuel Barber and more.

Sunday 4 August

4 PM
Roman Stolyar (Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia), piano and Weasel Walter (NYC), drums

Roman’s 28 June concert went so beautifully that we booked him again on the spot. He has played numerous venues and festivals across a broad range of countries. Siberian pianist Roman Stolyar returns to Spectrum for a final NYC show (for this trip) as he stops through the city on his way to other, distant adventures.

NYC Drummer Weasel Walter is one of the most-sought-after drummers in the city, with a broad range of experience (form no-wave rock to through-composed classical to free jazz) and an incredibly-diverse palate of techniques.

Sunday 4 August
7 PM
Rétes Series: Kurt Coble – violinist and inventor. Presented by Eleonor Sandresky
Kurt Coble returned from his second US Embassy sponsored tour of Serbia in April, performing with the P.A.M. Band, an ensemble of robotic musical instruments he invented to realize his artistic aesthetic. Over the next few years, he will perform in over 200 venues in Eastern Europe. The patent pending technology he created with his guru Richard Ryniker is also being used to assist people with disabilities to make music via an array of interfaces. He has partnered with the ENACTUS Team at Mercy College to promote the “Tesla Instrument Family” and won “Rookie of the Year” at the ENACTUS National Competition in May. Luckily, Kurt continues to be a “long time” member of the Phantom of the Opera Orchestra on Broadway, which financially supports his massive collection of unpopular original compositions. He is thrilled to continue to work with Eleonor, a collaboration dating back to 1981. For more information about the P.A.M. Band, please visit

Wednesday 7 August
7:30 PM
Ambient-Chaos Event: PAS Musique, et al.

Saturday 10 August
7 PM
Ty Citterman and Bop Kabbalah; an excellent way to close out Shabbat

Wednesday 14 August
6:30 PM
Ambient Chaos Presents: The Cacoharmonic Convention, a Musical Mashup and Interlocution of Sonic Artists. Sponsored by The Nomadic Museum of Sonic Art. Curated by John Loggia.

Thursday 22 August
8 PM
Feeding Goats, Blaise Siwula, et al.

Sunday 25 August
3 PM
Music of the Americas
Thomas Piercy, clarinet
Elinor Abrams Zayas, piano

From Thomas Piercy, curator / clarinetist: “Some beautiful music including heaps of Piazzolla and some edgier tango nuevo, South American music, Gershwin, etc….”

Tuesday 27 August
7 PM and 9 PM
Two sets with Satoko Fujii (piano), Nina Inai (percussive dance), Kappa Maki (trumpet) and Rafael Lariviere (percussion)

Wednesday 28 August
8 PM
Ambient Chaos: The Use/BadMitten Electronic Duo, et al.

Thursday 29 August
7 PM
Out by Ten: Series hosted by Jane Ashe

Friday 30 August
7 PM
Charity Chan, (piano, Montreal), Frank Gratowski (sax, Berlin), Weasel Walter (drums, NYC)

MCA Chicago 2013 / 14 Season

English: John Zorn Français : John Zorn
English: John Zorn Français : John Zorn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Early word on these shows coming to the MCA Chicago:

ICE: John Zorn Retrospective Oct 26, 2013

ICE returns to MCA Stage in a performance portrait of saxophonist/composer/provocateur John Zorn in honor of his 60th birthday. Zorn’s singular musical voice reflects the trust and enthusiasm he carries for the musicians he collaborates with. This concert showcases ICE’s close friendship and admiration for him and his music, including a recent work based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the world premiere of a new work for ICE.

eighth blackbird: Colombine’s Paradise Theatre Mar 8–9, 2014

The dazzling sextet eighth blackbird embraces Venetian commedia dell’arte in this new music-theater fairytale of love and death, dream and delusion, by Amy Beth Kirsten and commissioned by the MCA. The musicians not only play their instruments but speak, sing, whisper, growl, and mime in this modern take on one of the world’s earliest dark comedies, originated by the poetess Isabella Andreini, the most celebrated actress of the early 1600s.

ICE: Alvin Lucier Mar 21–22, 2014

In its second concert of the 2013/14 MCA season, ICE performs work by Alvin Lucier. A trailblazing force for over 50 years, Lucier opens our awareness of the nature of sound and language, using the simplest of means to create beautiful and ethereal aural phenomena. His work poetically examines the acoustics of space, psychoacoustics, resonance, and other qualities of sound. Lucier has pioneered in many areas of music composition and performance, including notating performers’ physical gestures, using brain waves in live performance, generating visual imagery by sound in vibrating media, and evoking the acoustics of rooms for musical purposes.