Pat Metheny on Digging Into John Zorn’s “Book Of Angels”

Pat Metheny
Pat Metheny (Photo credit: Matteo Rorato)

Metheny is interviewed about Zorn:

Pat Metheny plays John Zorn? Why not? At this point in the careers of guitarist Metheny and composer-saxophonist Zorn, should anything surprise us? Metheny, who turns 59 next month, has pleased about as broad and diverse an audience as any instrumentalist: He’s won 20 Grammy Awards in 11 different categories. And yet he sounded as natural alongside Ornette Coleman on 1996’s “Song X” as with his longtime quartet. Zorn, who turns 60 in September, may once have represented a renegade downtown Manhattan scene, but that was long ago. His 60th is being celebrated throughout this year at venues as varied as Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Columbia University’s Miller Theater, and the Japan Society — a reflection of the depth, breadth, and reach of his celebrated work.