AMN Reviews: Scoolptures – Please Drive-By Carefully

Achille Succi  Combo two @ Zingarò Jazz Club
Achille Succi Combo two @ Zingarò Jazz Club (Photo credit: lorenzog.)

Scoolptures: Please Drive-By Carefully [Leo 671/672]

This two-disc set is the third release from this fine Italian quartet. Mixing improvisation with live electronics, Please Drive-By Carefully is a hybrid of open-form jazz and spontaneous response to unconventionally notated scores.

The four musicians—Achille Succi on alto saxophone, bass clarinet and shakuhachi; bassist/composer/electronics artist Nicola Negrini; Philippe Garcia on drums, prepared guitar and electronics; and Antonio Della Marina supplying sinewaves and electronics—interpret graphic scores derived from the work of British street artist Banksy. The scores are of several different types, among which are some with dots and dashes resembling Morse code, some done in QR code, and some looking like Ferdinand Leger’s paintings of tubular forms.

The realization of the scores takes the form of an interplay between the textures and lyricism of jazz on the one hand, and the timbral possibilities opened up by electronic collage and live processing on the other. The sounds range from the warmly human tones of Succi’s shakuhachi and bass clarinet to the electronically-generated layers that give the quartet its distinctive sonic profile. The tracks are concise and well-focused—all but five of the twenty-four are under four minutes long. Succi’s balanced lyricism and the understory of Negrini’s bass work ensure that the music draws on a vital reserve of emotional depth amid the conceptual rigor.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 16/2013

Charles Bobo Shaw The Human Arts Ensemble NYC ...
Charles Bobo Shaw The Human Arts Ensemble NYC – Studio Rivbea July 1976 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Vinyl Spectrum
Cosmic Desire: Vinyl Spectrum-frank Fusco, G, B, Vo/ Dario Salvazza, Sax/ John Varn, Keyb/ Brandon Johnson, Dr

Ross Hammond
Cathedrals: Ross Hammond, G/ Vinny Golia, Ts, Ss, FL/ Steuart Liebig, B/ Alex Kline, Dr, Perc

Michael Vlatkovich | Thank You Records
Succulence of Abstraction: M Vlatkovich, Tbn, Compositions/ Kent Mclagen, B/ Chris Lee, Dr

Brahja Waldman
Cosmic Brahjas &Amp; Closer to the Tones: Brahja Waldman, as/ Shadrach Hankoff, P/ Martin Heslop, B/ Daniel Gélinas, Dr/ Adam Kinner, Ts

Please Drive by Carefully: Scoolptures

Hot Music: Arrigo Cappelletti Quintet

Around Silence: N Ahsan, Vo, Swarmandal/ V Guyvoronsky, Tp, FL/ D Kucherov, Tabla, Perc

Needle of Light: Michael Castro, Vo/ the James Marshall Human Arts Ensemble

Icompani Extended: Icompani

Ayler Records
Monologue DE Schoenberg: Klangfarben Ensemble Conducted by François Cotinaud

Birthmark: Lotte Anker, Ss, as, Ts/ Rodrigo Pinheiro, P/ Hernani Faustino, B

Jimmy Bennington | Steve Cohn
No Lunck in Hackensack: J Bennington, Dr/ Steve Cohn, P

John Zorn at the Barbican Centre Reviewed

John Zorn / Bill Laswell / Milford Graves

From The Upcoming:

Of all the modern American composers to emerge from the 20th century, John Zorn was the most post-modern, prolific and all-encompassing. The musical universe he has created is utterly distinct and unique, yet has always garnered power in reflecting music from around the world, suggesting a soundtrack to the new globalised culture. For the uninitiated, it’s probably aptest to describe him as both musical-lunatic and tourist, and indeed the experimental figurehead in downtown NYC.