Turning 60, John Zorn Sees His Eclecticism as a Musical Norm

zorn (Photo credit: febbrile)

From NYTimes.com:

The composer and saxophonist John Zorn was easy to spot in the atrium of the Guggenheim Museum one evening last month. As chatty patrons filed in for a performance of his work, Mr. Zorn — for decades the most prolific and polarizing figure in New York’s downtown scene — sat silently in a T-shirt and camouflage combat pants, gazing up at the otherworldly light installation by the artist James Turrell.

2 thoughts on “Turning 60, John Zorn Sees His Eclecticism as a Musical Norm

  1. Zorn has a lot of fervent fans, but musically, his whole enterprise is a musical cul-de-sac. The reality is he has little influence in contemporary free jazz/improvisation. A fair amount of his music sounds like a bad wedding band. Really, at times, his music borders on the most absurd kitsch. His most signal influence is that he keeps The Stone in operation.

    1. I agree to an extent, though I would characterize his recordings as extreme hit or miss. The hits are phenomenal and the misses are perplexing.

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