New Releases from Ambiances Magnetiques

Jean Derome performing at the Guelph Jazz Festival
Jean Derome performing at the Guelph Jazz Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Ensemble SuperMusique
Bruit court-circuit

Joane Hétu
La Femme territoire ou 21 fragments d’humus

Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay

Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay

One thought on “New Releases from Ambiances Magnetiques

  1. I’ve enjoyed the CDs I have by Ensemble SuperMusique, Jean Derome and others on the Montreal jazz scene. But I wonder why they never seem to play with other similarly inclined musicians from, say, Germany or UK, not to mention the good ole USA. Hard to understand why they are so insular. I’d love to see them mixing it up with Brotzmann, or Vandermark, or Evan Parker. Has this been going on and I’ve blinked and missed it? If not, let’s see them come out and play. ANyone can play on their home court, but it’s the road that is the real test.

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