Turning 60, John Zorn Sees His Eclecticism as a Musical Norm

zorn (Photo credit: febbrile)

From NYTimes.com:

The composer and saxophonist John Zorn was easy to spot in the atrium of the Guggenheim Museum one evening last month. As chatty patrons filed in for a performance of his work, Mr. Zorn — for decades the most prolific and polarizing figure in New York’s downtown scene — sat silently in a T-shirt and camouflage combat pants, gazing up at the otherworldly light installation by the artist James Turrell.

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

Steve Beresford
Steve Beresford (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Free Jazz:

Gianni Lenoci Hocus Pocus 4 (feat. Taylor Ho Bynum): Empty Chair (Silta Records, 2013) ****½
François Carrier, Michel Lambert, John Edwards, Steve Beresford – Overground to the Vortex (Not Two Records, 2013) ****
Shofar: Ha-Huncvot (Kilogramm, 2013) ****
Neil Metcalfe (Flute), Guillaume Vittard (Double Bass), Daniel Thompson (Guitar) – Garden of Water and Light (FMR, 2013) ****
Daniel Thompson (Guitar), Alex Ward (Clarinet), Benedict Taylor (Viola) – Compost (CRAM, 2013) ****
Scoolptures – Please Drive By Carefully (Leo, 2013) ****
Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio + Jeb Bishop – The Flame Alphabet (Not Two, 2012) ****½
Axel Dörner and Mark Sanders – Stonecipher (Fataka, 2013) ***½
Rob Oswanski – December’s Moon (Palmetto, 2013)
The Hutchinson Andrew Trio – Prarie Modern (Chronograph Records, 2013)
Barry Romberg’s Random Access – Crab People ( Romhog, 2013)
Christopher Alpiar Quartet – The Jazz Expression – (Behip, 2013)
Alex Wyatt – There’s Always Something (Nowt, 2012)

This Week in Buenos Aires

fernando posseFrom Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

wednesday 7/10
Guillermo Roldán Trío + Enrique Norris
Guillermo Roldán ,bass
Tatiana Castro Mejía, piano
Hernán Rodríguez ,drums
guest enrique norris , cornet
at Onyx Club Av Pueyrredón 2476, 23.00 hs

thursday 7/11
PREMA * free jazz*
Sergio Paolucci: soprano asax
Omar Grandoso:trombone
Leandro Kalén:piano
Fernando Maximiliano Posse:contrabass
Lucas sofia:drums
Al Escenario ,Gral.A.de Lamadrid 1001 , 22.00 hs

leisbon, piano
maxi Kirszner , bass
nico Politzer , drums
At casa Presa ,valdenegro 2636 , 20.30 hs

friday 7/12
viaggio / norris / nuñez / franceschin
viaggio / bass
norris / cornet piano
nuñez / piano
franceschin/ guitar
At Besares club, Besares 1840 , 21.00 hs

Fede Lazzarini , trumpet
Emma Famin , alto sax
Miguel Crozzoli , tenor sax
Pablo Moser , barítone sax
Pablo Butelman & Francisco Slepoy , guitars
Santiago Leibson & Nicolas Chientaroli , pianos
Fernando Toyos & Germán Lamonega , contrabasses
Andres Elstein & Francisco Cossavella, drums
reiners , guitar
elstein, drums
torres fernandez, sax
bayon , contrabass
AT casa presa , valdenegro 2636 , 21.00 hs

saturday 7/13
Eduardo Herrera – Zelmar Garín
voice/ guitars /percussion/ objects / unclassified songs
AT La Libre – Bolivar 646 – 21.00 hs