July at the Spectrum: Revised

English: Fausto Romitelli, composer, Ictus Sem...
English: Fausto Romitelli, composer, Ictus Seminar, Brussels, april 2000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From New York’s Spectrum:

Tuesday 16 July 8:00 PM
Yoshiko Klein, recorders: World premiere by Brad Henkel; “Seascape” by Fausto Romitelli for amplified Paetzold contrabass recorder; other pieces
Brad Henkel is writing a new piece for accordion and recorder; that will be premiered at the concert together with the accordionist Mariel Berger.
The program is:
Fausto Romitelli (1963 – 2004) – Seascape (1994), for amplified contrabass recorder
Roderik de Man (*1941) – Kage (2000), for g-alto recorder and tape
Brad Henkel (*1985) – new work (2013), for recorder and accordion
Calliope Tsoupaki (*1963) – Charavgi (1994), for g-alto recorder
Emanuele Casale (*1970) – Studio n.2a (2000), for recorder and tape

Wed Jul 17, 2013 6 – 7:30 PM
Jose Menor, piano: Music of Contemporary Spanish Composers, concert 1
Joan Albert Amargos
Retrat de Chopin
Cavalls en cursa
Benet Casablancas
Sí, a Montsalvatge
Octavio Vazquez
Four Preludes
José Menor
Random Landscapes
Ramon Paus
Hector Parra
Cos i material (homage to Tapies)
Joan Guinjoan
Recordant Chopin

Wed Jul 17, 2013
7:30pm – Midnight
Art opening for visual artist Rebecca Gaffney: Angels of Light Flying from the Land of the NEW SUN
Music by
· Aurora Halal
· Pvre Matrix
· Mind Dynamics
· Lala Harrison Ryan (of Excepter)
· Half Life & Matt Radune (DJs)
· Rebecca Gaffney & Allison Wwonderland
· Alaina Stamatis
· Miles Pflanx
· GLuuuuu
· Stephen Boyer

Thu Jul 18, 2013
7pm – 8:30pm
Jose Menor, piano: Music of Contemporary Spanish Composers, concert 2
Angel Illarramendi
Cadena acuática
Ramón Paus
José Zárate
Cuatro Nocturnos
Gabriel Erkoreka
Benet Casablancas
Jubilus. Homenatge a Jordi Savall
Tres Haikus
Joan Guinjoan
Au Revoir Barocco

Thu Jul 18, 2013
8:30pm – 10pm
Red Desert: Katie Porter (clarinet, bass clarinet) and Devin Maxwell (percussion, electronics)
Red Desert plays an evening of sounds floating between lines of modernity: birds, lovers, gongs, war drums, waves, sleeping, baseball and ancient lakes.
Earl Browne, Four Systems, 1954
John Cage, cComposed Improvisation No. 2, 1990
André Cormier, Sommeil, 2002
Alvin Lucier, Snare Drum, Pure Wave Oscillator, and One or More Reflective Surfaces, 1990
Devin Maxwell, Bonneville Park, 2011
Tim Parkinson, Drum Piece, 2009
Michael Pisaro, Turning, 2001
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Ein Vöglein singt an Deinem Fenster from Amour, 1976
Michael Vincent Waller, Arbitrage, 2011
While Red Desert is officially a new project, Devin Maxwell and Katie Porter have been performing, composing, and presenting interesting new music of all shapes and sizes since they met at CalArts in 2002. Collectively, they have premiered work by many composers including Jonathan Marmor, Quentin Tolimieri, Jason Ajemian, André Cormier, Tim Parkinson, Michael Pisaro, Craig Shepard, and Larry Polansky. Devin is currently working on a PhD in music composition at the University of Utah while making new music for Svavar Jónatansson’s photo documentary of the Utah Salt Flats, Jessica Gaynor Dance, and the Skyros Quartet. Katie’s recent projects include performing in Arthur Russell’s Instrumentals, Daniel Goode’s Flexible Orchestra, Peter Gordon’s Love of Life Orchestra and on recordings of Michael Pisaro’s Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones and Craig Shepard’s On Foot Brookyn released by Wandelweiser Records. They live and work in Brooklyn, NY and Wanship, Utah.

Fri Jul 19, 2013
7pm – 10pm
Population control, Adam Schatz, tiny hazard, and Rob on Bass
Dave Treut
Adam Schatz Dental Wreckers
Adam Schatz of Landlady and Father Figures playing something funky
Tiny Hazard
Rob on Bass
Rob Lundberg from In One Wind and killer BOB performing solo
FB event:

Sun Jul 21
3:00pm – 4:30pm
Aristea Mellos, et al. – Contemporary Solo and Chamber Music

Sun Jul 21
8:00pm – 11:00pm
Amplified music: Thanatos, Jon Vomit, et al.

Wed Jul 24
6:30pm – 11:00pm
Ambient-Chaos Night: Ambient, experimental and electronic music

Thu Jul 25
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Deborah Latz in Out by Ten: Series hosted by Jane Ashe

Fri Jul 26
7:00 – 8:00 PM
The Moon – Adam Caine, electric guitar; Federico Ughi, drums

Fri Jul 26 8:00 PM – Midnight
Rebecca Gaffney curates an evening of music and her art

Saturday 27 July 7 PM
Tristan McKay, piano; Ellery Trafford, drums. Five Haiku, plus some new material

Mon Jul 29 10:00pm – 11:30pm
Gerry Hemingway, drums
In Solo, Duo and Trio with Michael Lytle, reeds & Terrence McManus, guitar
At times in consort with video

Wed Jul 31 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Melody Fader, Piano with Hamilton Berry, cello and Emily Popham, violin
Solo piano music of Mozart, Chopin and Dalit Warshaw, and Meldelssohn’s piano trio in c minor
There will likely be an informal party afterwards.