2013 Electric Eclectics Festival Lineup

From the Electric Eclectics Festival:

Friday, August 2nd:

Apetechnology (Detroit)
UN (Montreal)
Pale Eyes (Toronto)
Peter Lebel (London, ON)
Brr (Toronto)
Bile Sister (Toronto)

Saturday, August 3rd:

The Gories (Detroit)
No Joy (Montreal)
Petra Glynt (Toronto)
Mas Aya (Toronto)
Shelley Hirsch (New York City)
Cuddles (Toronto)
Look People (Toronto)
Ben Grossman (Guelph)
Tranz Defonce (Toronto)

Saturday afternoon in the valley:
Sunda Duo (Toronto)
Tina Pearson (Victoria)
Waveformanalogueresearch (Phoenix, AZ)

Saturday after-hours in the valley:
Gravies and the Main Dish Sauce (New York City)

Sunday, August 4th:

Mary Margaret & Marcus O’Hara (Toronto)
Music for Lamps (Montreal)
Gambletron (Montreal)
Tarpit (Detroit)
Thesis Sahib (London, ON)
Radio Lucifer (Toronto)
Cailyn Fitzgerald (Barrie)
A Vicious Lullaby (Meaford)

glitclit (Toronto)
DJ Gallery (Toronto)
Buck Washenfold (Toronto)
Ankle Mix (Guelph)
Swanky Soundtracks (Brooklyn)
Failure (Brooklyn)


Norman White (Durham, ON)
Marco D’Andrea (Guelph)
Allison Cameron (Toronto)
Tomas Del Balso & Dan Rocca (Toronto)
Julia White (Walter’s Falls, ON)
Apetechnology (Detroit)
Peter Bradley (Guelph)
Sweet Magic London (London, ON)
Lary 7 (New York City)
Dwight Siegner (Cobourg, ON)