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English: Jazz double-bassist Gary Peacock perf...
English: Jazz double-bassist Gary Peacock performing live in July 2003 (cropped version of original) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From All About Jazz:

Gary Peacock / Marilyn Crispell
Azure (ECM Records)

Jonathan Finlayson
Moment and the Message (Pi Recordings)

Federico Ughi Quartet
Federico Ughi Quartet (FMR Records)

John Kelman Reijseger / Harmen Fraanje / Mola Sylla
Down Deep (Winter & Winter)

Lamacal (Clean Feed Records)

Joshua Abrams Quartet
Unknown Known (Rogue Art)

Axel Dorner
Fataka blossoms!

Anthony Braxton
Sax Quintet (New York) 1998 (New Braxton House)