AMN Reviews: Yannick Dauby – Hares and Bells (Invisible Birds)

What is the sound of one hare listening to bells chiming in a mystical glade in some sylvan setting? This tiny, perfect piece is housed in a handsome, slightly oversize card and features nothing but bells, small bells and bigger bells and bending, ringing tones like singing bowls, weaving in and out of each other and their echoes across its twenty-minute length. Yannick Dauby presents it as “an homage to young hares and their fascination with bells”, a behavioural quirk that´s news to me. “Quickly made”, writes Dauby, but as finely tuned as Swiss clockwork. Gerard Manley Hopkins once wrote of his affinity for “all things counter, original, spare, strange”, and like the young hare, I am spellbound by this ensnaring sonic sutra.

Stephen Fruitman