Newsbits: Pacific Rim Projekt / Eric Revis / Tonight in Nashville

Eric Revis_4
Eric Revis_4 (Photo credit: peter es)

Pacific Rim Projekt (Alfred 23 Harth/ Torsten Muller) + ted byrnes will perform in LA on July 1. The duo of Alfred 23 Harth and Torsten Muller, joined by Ted Byrnes for 2 sets. This is the first time Alfred will have played in Los Angeles.

Burning Ambulance reviews the latest release from Eric Revis.

From Nashville’s Theatre Intangible, a show takes place tonight featuring EBNC (Aric Vance, Asheville, NC), Workshoppe Radio Phonik (Matt the PM & Pimpdaddysupreme), and Adventure Bomb (Tony Youngblood).