AMN Reviews: Marchoff & Droin – Source of Vectors (Zoharum)

Instrument entrail voodoo, dark ambient giallo movie soundtrack, kamikaze bombers, the batcave computer, squealing tea kettles on the boil and Wendy Carlos practising her scales on a gigantic old Moog synthesizer, all balled into one. Then, with the introduction of a beat that only grows increasingly attractive, a seemingly new album altogether on the third track, some rather cerebral and accessible illbient. Next track, construction site noise restrained by a live electric fence. The fifth track returns to a regular, followable beat and is actually pretty jive, a kind of darkhop jitterbug. Finally, one, long scream of electricity riding the Cresta Run at breakneck speed until “Source of Vectors” pounds into a snowdrift.

Marchoff is credited with “mega sample sound” and Droin with “merciless analogues”.  I´m of two minds, as are of course Messrs Marchoff and Droin. At the same time, the album is in fact advertised as a chronicle of sonic experiments and not all the results of some experiments are to everyone´s taste. Each track is identified with a cipher of the Polish duo´s own creation rather than a name, and Zoharum has taken another nice, lateral step in their always very cool packaging, stretching the ecopack lengthwise.

Dedicated to the memory of “Sleazy” Pete Christopherson, whose Coil is an obvious touchstone for at least some of the sounds within.

Stephen Fruitman