29th Victoriaville Musique Actuelle Festival (2013) Review

English: Fred Frith (left) and Chris Cutler pe...

From DMG:

The first concert on Thursday was a new trio with Iva Bittova (violin & vocals), Evan Ziporyn (clarinets) and Gyan Riley (acoustic guitar) at the Cinema Laurier. Ms. Bittova has played at Victo just a couple times previously, 1989 (where she played in a duet with Pavel Fajt & sat in with Frith‘s Keep the Dog) and 1999 (played a duo with Vladimir Vaclavek). This was the first appearance of both of her collaborators: Evan Ziporyn (long associated with Bang-on-a-Can & a great composer) and Gyan Riley (son of Terry Riley with a few fine discs of his own). The concert began with Iva on voice & thumb piano by herself and it was a most enchanting opening. This is an all acoustic trio and the sound was superb. Iva often sings in a charming child-like voice that has a way of plucking our heartstrings. Although Mr. Ziporyn is a master clarinetist, his playing here was often stripped down making each note count. Sometimes he would provide the rhythmic pulse by tapping on the keys of his bass clarinet. Mr. Riley is also a virtuostic acoustic guitarist and each of his handful of solos were amazing. It seems that the songs were mostly skeletally written so that each member could add to the flow or structure and then embellish from there. The last piece, “Farewell” had lyrics written by Chris Cutler with a slightly twisted melody that left us all mesmerized. Ms. Bittova is originally from Czechoslovakia so that some of the melodies she used had a rich blend of Eastern European and/or a Klez-like flavor. This trio should have their debut disc out by the end of the year. I can hardly wait. A perfect Victo opener.

A Closer Listen Reviews

From A Closer Listen:

Seaworthy + Taylor Deupree ~ Wood Winter Hollow
Gail Priest ~ The Common Koel
Marcus Fischer ~ The Crow
Sky Flying By ~ Can You Say It With One Word?
Lali Barrière, Noish and Xedh ~ icgs el
Kassel Jaeger ~ Rituel de la Mort de Soleil
Arpa ~ Llaves
Ricarda Cometa ~ Ricarda Cometa
The Post Romantic Empire Ensemble ~ The Post Romantic Empire Album

DMG Newsletter June 28th, 2013

Oren Ambarchi of Gravetemple.
Oren Ambarchi of Gravetemple. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From DMG:

Paul Dunmall & Tony Bianco: Coltrane v2! Okkyung Lee LP! Roscoe Mitchell: Expanded Live at A Space! Giancarlo Mazzu & Luciano Troja! HKM with Christof Knoche & Kirk Knuffke! Gravetemple with Oren Ambarchi & Stephen O’Malley!

Bern Nix/Matt Lavelle/Francois Grillot! Spontaneous Music Ensemble! Steamboat Switzerland! Magog! Sofia Gubaidulina!

Don Cherry LP Rarities! Pierre Henry! The Beatles! Michael Chapman! Andwellas Dream! Mighty Baby! Linda Perhacs!


A Special Note to All of Those Who Complain About the Fact That There is No Where Left in Manhattan to Hear Experimental/Avant-garde music (except for The Stone) – THERE IS!

it’s called..

The DMG Free Weekly In-Store Performance Series!

PLEASE come down and support these events at DMG! We know it is Sunday, but this music is important, and its a great way to end (y)our week and begin a new one. And it is free, free, FREE! Tell your friends, too!

This Sunday, June 30th:

Sunday, July 7th Double-Header:
7pm: JANEL & ANTHONY – Cuneiform Recordings Artists!

Rare Tuesday Set, July 9th:
6pm: STEUART LIEBIG & JAMES ILGENFRITZ – Electric & Acoustic Bass Duo!

Sunday, July 14th Double-Header:
6pm: TERRENCE McMANUS – Solo Guitar!

Sunday, July 21st Double-Header:
6pm: GL DIANA / BLAISE SIWULA / HARVEY VALDES – Laptop/Sax/Tesla Guitar!

Sunday, July 28th Double-Header
7pm: CHRIS PITSIOKOS – Solo Sax!

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 14/2013

English: Lisle Ellis performing live in The Li...
English: Lisle Ellis performing live in The Living Theatre, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Gregg Simpson
New Orchestra Quintet Complete Recordings 1978-79 6cd Box Set: Paul Cram, as, Ts, Cl, FL/ Ralph Eppel, Tbn, Tp: Paul Plimley, P, Vib, Bcl/ Lisle Ellis, B/ Gregg Simpson, Dr, Perc

Rex, Wrecks &Amp; Xxx: Evan Parker, Ts/ Matt Shipp, P

Resurgence: Michel Edelin, FL, Afl, Bfl/ Jaques Di Donato, Cl, Bcl, Ss/ Jean Jaques Avenel, B/ Simon Goubert, Dr

Stella Nova: Esa Helasvuo, P

Occupy the World: Leo Smith, Tp, Conductor/ John Lindberg, B/ with Tumo Orchestra

Aut Records
Small Choices: Giacomo Pappetti, B/ Emanuele Maniscalco, P/ Gabriele Rubino, Piccolo, Scl, Bcl

Samuel Hallkvist | Boogie Post
Return to Center: Samuel Hallkvist, G/+guests

Shores &Amp; Ditches: François Carrier, as/ Michel Lambert, Dr/ Daniel Thompson, G/ Neil Metcalf, FL/ Guillaume Viltard, B

Lifeline: Dave Stone, Bari Sax/ Jay Zelenka, as/ Lika Shubitidze, Vo

New Artists
a Prayer for Peace: Richard Tabnik, as/ Roger Mancuso, Dr/ Adam Lane, B

Noel Taylor
Border Patrol: Nico Meinhold, P/ Noel Taylor, Clarinet

Shayna Dulberger
Ache &Amp; Flutter: Shayna Dulberger, B/ Yoni Kretzmer, Ts/ Chris Welcome, G/ Carlo Costa, Dr

Composition No 6: Pierre Antoine Badaroux, as/ Pierre Borel, Cl/ Eve Risser, Klein P/ Joel Grip, B/ Sébastien Beliah, B/ Antonin Gerbal, Dr

Chicago Scene: June 29 – July 13

Fred Lonberg-Holm in 2002
Fred Lonberg-Holm in 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a weekly overview live avant performances in the Chicago area.  Contact us if you’d like your shows listed.

June 29:

12:30PM at Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, Community Stage, Milwaukee Ave at Diversey
Jason Adasiewicz, Keefe Jackson — part of Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival 2013

9:00PM at the Hideout, 1354 W Wabansia, 773.227.4433 ($12)
Spektral Quartet
Pretty Monsters

9:00PM at Heaven Gallery, 1550 N Milwaukee, 2nd Fl, 773.342.4597
Chris Riggs, Drew Dahle, Paul Giallorenzo
Brian Labycz, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ståle Liavik Solberg

9:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western ($15)
Matthew Shipp Trio with Mike Bisio, Whit Dickey

June 30:

1:15PM at Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, Culture Stage, Milwaukee Ave at Kedzie
Brian Labycz, Jason Stein — part of Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival 2013

3:30PM at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 E Chicago, 312.280.2660 (wheelchair-accessible)
The Accumulative Affects of Migration 1
Yaw Agyeman, Khari Lemuel, Tomeka Reid, Joshua Abrams, Mikel Avery, Orron Kenyatta — performance accompanying the exhibit 13th Ballad

4:00PM at Lakeside Inn, 15251 Lakeshore Rd, Lakeside MI ($15)
Renée Baker’s Artet, with Steve Berry, Nicole Mitchell, William Porter, Alex Wing, Avreeayl Ra

10:00PM at the Hungry Brain, 2319 W Belmont, 773.709.1401 ($7) (wheelchair-accessible)
Keefe Jackson’s Likely So, with Jeff Kimmel, Jason Stein, Nick Mazzarella, Mars Williams, Guillermo Gregorio, Dave Rempis

July 1:

7:00PM at the Washington Park Arts Incubator, 301 E Garfield Blvd
Ari Brown, Avreeayl Ra

9:00PM at Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont, 773.281.4444 (wheelchair-accessible)
Extraordinary Popular Delusions : Jim Baker, Mars Williams, Brian Sandstrom, Steve Hunt

9:00PM at the Empty Bottle, 1035 N Western, 773.276.3600 (Free) (wheelchair-accessible)
Kwaidan — Record release
Death Blues
Mind Over Mirrors

July 2:

8:00PM at Observatory Studios, 3036 N Lincoln, 4th Fl
Tim Stine, Anton Hatwich, Frank Rosaly

9:30PM at The Whistler, 2421 N Milwaukee (wheelchair-accessible)
Stirrup : Fred Lonberg-Holm, Nick Macri, Charles Rumback

July 3:

10:00PM at the Hideout, 1354 W Wabansia, 773.227.4433 ($8)
Dana Jessen Solo
Dana Jessen, Jeff Kimmel, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Mike Reed

July 4:

6:30PM at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park, 201 E Randolph (wheelchair-accessible)
Loops & Variations
Nosaj Thing

July 6:

11:00AM at Austin Town Hall, 5610 W Lake, 773.287.7658 (Free)
David Boykin Expanse

9:00PM at Elastic, 2830 N Milwaukee, 2nd Fl, 773.772.3616 ($10)
Intersections Series
Jeff Chan Solo
Tim O’Dell Trio with Tatsu Aoki, Avreeayl Ra

9:00PM at Studio 914, 914 N California
Frank Rosaly, Marc Riordan, Brian Labycz, Aaron Zarzutzki, Daniel Fandiño, KG Price

9:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western ($15)
Chris Dingman Quartet with Jesse Lewis, Ike Sturm, Jared Schonig

July 8:

9:00PM at Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont, 773.281.4444 (wheelchair-accessible)
Extraordinary Popular Delusions : Jim Baker, Brian Sandstrom, Steve Hunt

July 9:

5:30PM at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 E Chicago, 312.280.2660 (wheelchair-accessible)
Tuesdays on the Terrace
Stirrup : Fred Lonberg-Holm, Nick Macri, Charles Rumback

July 10:

10:00PM at the Hideout, 1354 W Wabansia, 773.227.4433 ($8)
Rob Mazurek, Jim Baker, Joshua Abrams, Michael Zerang

July 11:

9:00PM at Elastic, 2830 N Milwaukee, 2nd Fl, 773.772.3616
Chris Brown Solo
Chris Brown, Brian Labycz, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang

9:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western (Free)
Jeff Parker, Geof Bradfield

July 13:

9:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western ($12)
The Eternals Espiritu Zombi Group : Damon Locks, Wayne Montana, Areif Sless-Kitain, Jason Adasiewicz, Matt Lux, Josh Berman, Cameron Pfiffner, Nick Mazzarella, Tomeka Reid, Jeanine O’Toole

For more information, such as show times and directions, as well as upcoming performances, see:


Sardegna e Jazz 2013 – Featuring Sun Ra’s Arkestra and Cecil Taylor

English: Sun Ra at New England Conservatory, F...
English: Sun Ra at New England Conservatory, February 27, 1992. Photo by Pandelis Karayorgis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The annual Sardegna e Jazz festival takes place from August 22-31 in Sant’anna Arresi, Italy. THe lineup announcement follows.

You will hear Mulatu Astatke, the legendary vibraphonist of Duke Ellington, playing Steps Ahead. Your notes will be hallowed by Rob Mazurek especially crafted for you by the Exploding Star Orchestra and Nicole Mitchell.

The road to Saturn is still far away, a constellation of incredible surprises is on the way: M.O.P.D.T.K and Talibam!, two of the most interesting and fresh projects around, both capable of reducing the distance between styles and genres. Talibam! will perform with a special guest, Alan Wilkinson, an extraordinary free jazz saxophonist from England.

There will be Space for Dinamitri Jazz Folklore Septet’s music, and their sounds from Africa will challenge the audience with the origin of things and its elements. The septet will have a special guest, the writer and poet Amiri Baraka.

An original and fascinating project entitled Living By Lanterns is brought you by Mike Reed and Jason Adasiewicz and among them Greg Ward, Joshua Abrams will offer a reinterpretation of some of your inspirational unpublished music, recorded but never released.

The Heliocentrics will take us to another galaxy through a sinergic mix of different music genres coming together with your Afro-futuristic lesson.

Cecil Taylor, there is no need to introduce him, will honor us with his presence in Sant’Anna Arresi for the second time and will meet you, Sun Ra, half way to the sky.

We will march to your planet Saturn with the exploding power of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble joined by their father, Kelan Philip Cohran, one of your trusted trumpet player.

From Turkey, Konstruk, an affirmed reality of free jazz, will offer a show focused on your favourite discipline: the orchestral improvisation, featuring a special guest, yours Marshall Allen.

From Turkey to France, with saxophonist Thomas Pourquery’ Supersonic exploring the prolific production of Ra’s hymns and songs. From Germany an ensembled Heliocentric Counterblast will strike a tribute to Sun Ra, the latest musical effort.

On the last day of ceremony, your great Sun Ra Arkestra will land to Sant’Anna Arresi under the direction of Marshall Allen to arouse the people of the Earth before fading into the endless Abyss of the Universe.

A 3-day conference will discuss Sun Ra’s music legacy and perspectives. Two art exhibition will show Sun Ra graphic genius and his journey to the sardinian planet of Sound Stones, back in 1981 and 1989.