Three Taylor Ho Bynum Releases Coming Up

English: Taylor Ho Bynum, Moers Festival 2007
English: Taylor Ho Bynum, Moers Festival 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Taylor Ho Bynum:

Anthony Braxton & Taylor Ho Bynum
Duets (Amherst) 2010 (New Braxton House)

Braxton’s first ever stand-alone concert DVD recording, two sets from our 2010 concert in Amherst, MA (the first time we ever played a live duo performance, and the penultimate gig on my New England Acoustic Bicycle Tour). The DVD (and audio-only download) will be available starting June 4 to members of the Tri-Centric Foundation, and available to the general public August 13.

Taylor Ho Bynum, John Hébert, Gerald Cleaver
Book of Three: Continuum (2012) (Relative Pitch)

The second album from the Book of Three, because cornet/bass/drums power trios are the way to go. Some unusual repertory, with compositions by the great Bobby Bradford, Jim Hobbs, Salim Washington, and Gerald, in addition to the group’s spontaneous creations.

The Convergence Quartet
Slow and Steady (NoBusiness)

The third album from the cross-Atlantic collective, with Alexander Hawkins (piano), Dominic Lash (bass), and Harris Eisenstadt (drums). New music by all four of us, captured live at the Vortex in London at the end of a two-week tour.