June at Cafe OTO

English: Steve Beresford
English: Steve Beresford (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From London’s Cafe OTO:

Bleed Presents: Bee Mask
Sat 1 June ’13 • 8pm • £10 Adv / £12 on the Door

Anne James Chaton / Andy Moor / Thurston Moore
Sun 2 June ’13 • 8pm • Sold out

Guillaume Viltard / Seymour Wright / Paul Abbott
Mon 3 June ’13 • 8pm • £6 Adv / £7 on the Door

the 49 Americans
Tues 4 June ’13 • 8pm • £7 Adv / £8 on the Door

Vie]noise[eries // Klaus Filip, Noid, Seymour Wright / Wei-ya Lin, Johannes Kretz, Alison Blunt, Hannah Marshall / Martin Siewert, Alan Wilkinson, Peter Marsh, Paul May
Wed 5 June ’13 • 8pm • £8 Adv / £10 on the Door

Luke Fowler &Amp; Richard Youngs (Duo)
Fri 7 June ’13 • 8pm • £7 Adv / £8 on the Door

Second Language Presents Colleen + Directorsound + ÁIne O’dwyer
Sat 8 June ’13 • 8pm • Sold out

the London Improvisers Orchestra
Sun 9 June ’13 • 8pm • £6 / £4 Concs

David Grubbs with Andrea Belfi &Amp; Stefano Pilia
Mon 10 June ’13 • 8pm • £10 Adv / £12 on the Door

Akio Suzuki &Amp; Aki Onda
Tues 11 June ’13 • 8pm • £7 Adv / £8 on the Door

Oren Ambarchi Presents ‘Knots’ with Strings
Wed 12 June ’13 • 8pm • £12 Adv / £14 on the Door

Martin Küchen / Steve Beresford / Ståle Liavik Solberg
Thurs 13 June ’13 • 8pm • £6 Adv / £7 on the Door

Charlemagne Palestine // Two Day Residency
Fri 14 June ’13 • 8pm • £10 Adv / £12 Door / £18 Two Day Pass
with Steve Noble / the Bohman Brothers (Trio)
Sat 15 June ’13 • 8pm • £10 Adv / £12 Door / £18 Two Day Pass
with Grumbling Fur + L’ocelle Mare

Aips Presents: Postcards from Italy
Sun 16 June ’13 • 8pm • £8 Adv / £10 on the Door

John Tilbury / John Edwards / Mark Sanders
Mon 17 June ’13 • 8pm • £8 Adv / £10 on the Door

Unconscious Archives #8 – Pierre Bastien / Karel Doing / Louise Curham &Amp; Alison Blunt
Wed 19 June ’13 • 7.30pm • £8 Adv / £10 on the Door

Chuck Johnson + Daniel Bachman
Thurs 20 June ’13 • 8pm • £8 Adv / £10 on the Door

Luc Ex / Veryan Weston / Hannah Marshall / Mark Sanders
Sun 23 June ’13 • 8pm • £8 Adv / £10 on the Door

Ikue Mori / Steve Noble (Duo)
Mon 24 June ’13 • 8pm • £10 Adv / £12 on the Door

Tues 25 June ’13 • Closed for a Private Function • 5pm-9pm

the Ames Room
Wed 26 June ’13 • 8pm • £8 Adv / £10 on the Door

Zewditou Yohannes + Howard Williams (DJ)
Fri 28 June ’13 • 8pm • £7 Adv / £8 on the Door

Hladowski &Amp; Joynes + Dead Rat Orchestra + Tom James Scott/henry Butcher
Sat 29 June ’13 • 8pm • £7 Adv / £8 on the Door

an Evening with Frank Fairfield
Sun 30 June ’13 • 8pm • £7 Adv / £8 on the Door

Liquid Music 2013-14 Schedule

From The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra:

Shared evening of new song arrangements by singer-songwriter Zola Jesus and former SPCO Artistic Partner Stephen Prutsman; new works for percussion and cello duo Ian Ding and Ashley Bathgate (Bang on a Can All-Stars) with a world premiere by composer Ted Hearne
Sunday | Sep 22 | 7pm
Amsterdam Bar & Hall, downtown Saint Paul

Songwriter, producer, performer and composer Jherek Bischoff hosts guest vocalists Sondre Lerche, Ólöf Arnalds, and Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh, alongside a chamber ensemble of Twin Cities instrumentalists, Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, and more
Friday | Oct 18 | 8pm
Fitzgerald Theater, Saint Paul

Contemporary chamber music group Ensemble dal Niente and synched video combine in a world premiere work by Minnesota composer Noah Keesecker
Tuesday | Nov 5 | 7:30pm
The Music Room, Saint Paul

Two leading international electronic experimentalists Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and Tim Hecker share an aurally adventurous evening of light and shadow that dips deep into drone, ambient, distortion and beyond
Saturday | Nov 16 | 8pm
William and Nadine McGuire Theater, Walker Art Center

Contemporary innovators and collaborators violinist Hilary Hahn and pianist Hauschka present music from their free-spirited and ambitious release Silfra
Sunday | Jan 12 | 7pm
Aria, Warehouse District of Minneapolis

OLGA BELL: Origin/Outcome
With Tom Vek and Angel Deradoorian
World premiere of song cycle Krai, dazzling visuals by Alejandro Crawford (MGMT), vocals by Angel Deradoorian (former member of Dirty Projectors) and Nothankyou, the debut of Bell’s collaboration with British musician Tom Vek
Thursday | Feb 13 | 8pm
William and Nadine McGuire Theater, Walker Art Center

S/S/S: Jim Hodges Retrospective music experience
Inspired by the work of contemporary visual artist Jim Hodges, rapper Serengeti, composer/producer Son Lux and singer/songwriter Sufjan Stevens will release their sophomore recording in conjunction with the first comprehensive survey of Hodges’ work in the U.S.
Feb 14-May 11, 2014
Walker Art Center Galleries

TIMO ANDRES: Work Songs featuring Gabriel Kahane, Ted Hearne, Becca Stevens and Nathan Koci
Composer and pianist Timo Andres makes his Twin Cities debut with a new song cycle specifically created for fellow rising-star composers and multi-instrumentalists Gabriel Kahane, Ted Hearne, Becca Stevens and Nathan Koci
Friday | Mar 21 | 8pm
Saturday | Mar 22 | 8pm
The Music Room, Saint Paul

Premiere of Daniel Bjarnason’s string orchestra version of his stirring concerto Sleep Variations composed expressly for widely-heralded violist Nadia Sirota
Tuesday | May 6 | 7:30pm
Amsterdam Bar & Hall, downtown Saint Paul

ETHEL: Documerica
Documerica melds multiple-screen video projections with music by some of today’s top composers, performed with electrifying virtuosity by alternative string quartet ETHEL
Tuesday | Jun 3 | 7:30pm
Aria, Warehouse District of Minneapolis

Igloo Magazine Reviews

From igloomag.com:

Infinite Particles :: Infinite Particles (Reverb Worship)
Ulaan Markhor :: Ulaan Markhor (Soft Abuse)
Ian Boddy :: Liverdelphia (DiN)
Christiaan Virant :: Fistful of Buddha (CVMK)
Marc Barreca :: Tremble (Palace of Lights)
Гибель тургруппы Дятлова :: Souterraine (Knick Knack Yoda)

Three Taylor Ho Bynum Releases Coming Up

English: Taylor Ho Bynum, Moers Festival 2007
English: Taylor Ho Bynum, Moers Festival 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Taylor Ho Bynum:

Anthony Braxton & Taylor Ho Bynum
Duets (Amherst) 2010 (New Braxton House)

Braxton’s first ever stand-alone concert DVD recording, two sets from our 2010 concert in Amherst, MA (the first time we ever played a live duo performance, and the penultimate gig on my New England Acoustic Bicycle Tour). The DVD (and audio-only download) will be available starting June 4 to members of the Tri-Centric Foundation, and available to the general public August 13.

Taylor Ho Bynum, John Hébert, Gerald Cleaver
Book of Three: Continuum (2012) (Relative Pitch)

The second album from the Book of Three, because cornet/bass/drums power trios are the way to go. Some unusual repertory, with compositions by the great Bobby Bradford, Jim Hobbs, Salim Washington, and Gerald, in addition to the group’s spontaneous creations.

The Convergence Quartet
Slow and Steady (NoBusiness)

The third album from the cross-Atlantic collective, with Alexander Hawkins (piano), Dominic Lash (bass), and Harris Eisenstadt (drums). New music by all four of us, captured live at the Vortex in London at the end of a two-week tour.

Joe McPhee and Peter Brotzmann Interview

Peter Brötzmann playing the tarogato
Peter Brötzmann playing the tarogato (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Folio Weekly:

If, as some critics complain, jazz is in a protracted commercial decline, then the genre’s free jazz sub-niche might as well be obscure to the point of invisibility. But that assumption would cause one to miss the upcoming seminal performance of American trumpet maestro Joe McPhee, 73, and German saxophone legend Peter Broetzmann, 72. The duo’s upcoming nine-stop tour is its first in the United States. Folio Weekly caught up with McPhee and Broetzmann — sometimes spelled Brötzmann — to discuss the differences between European and American audiences, the political and cultural ramifications of jazz music and how young people are evolving the genre.