AMN Reviews: Lou Cohen – Music

Lou Cohen: Music [Pogus 21071-2]

The unassumingly titled Music is a 3 CD collection of recent electronic work from Boston area composer Lou Cohen. Cohen, whose early compositions grew out of algorithmic engagements with twelve-tone and serial methods, later turned to computer-based composition and granular synthesis—which in a sense was a logical development for him given the systematic nature of his previous compositional methods. The pieces collected here cover Cohen’s work of the last ten or so years, and represent his varied approaches to electronic sounds and processes.

Disc 1 contains ten “shapes”—compositions based on control signals (the titular shapes) that determine the pitch, amplitude, duration and density of each composition’s tones. In some of these works Cohen is concerned with using contemporary electronic means to engage more conventional notions of consonance and dissonance. For example Shape 05 is centered around the tones of a dominant seventh chord, which dissolve into dissonances and then re-form into chord tones as the piece develops. Shape 06 follows a similar pattern, this time using a chord progression rather than a single chord for its tonal points of reference.

Disc 2 features a heterogeneous set of works, including the lovely Harmonies. Somewhat reminiscent of John Cage’s Quartets I-VIII, Harmonies takes brief, consonant bits of sound and arranges them in a way that resembles a randomized sequence of diatonic chords. Concerto, which borrows the concerto’s soloist-and-accompaniment structure, samples toy piano, clavichord and marimba for the solo voice, and winds and strings for its orchestral setting.

Much of Disc 2 and all of Disc 3 are given over to Cohen’s “symphonies.” The symphonies are a variety of sound collage in which segments of sound sources are extracted and inserted into the final piece. The sources can be pre-existing synthesized sounds, sounds generated by Cohen’s improvisations, or samples of acoustic instruments. An example of the latter is Symphony 6, which combines samples of flute and strings into a kind of artificial chamber quintet playing what sounds like a serial work with a pronounced number of starts and stops.

With its generous helping of works, Music provides a stimulating view into this distinctively systemic electronic composer.

Transparent Productions Final Shows of the Season

English: Fred Anderson at the HotHouse in Chic...

From DC’s Transparent Productions:

2001 11th St. NW WASH DC 20001

June Black Music Month

Revolutionary Music Weekends

African-American Music Appreciation Month is a celebration for African American Music every year in the month of June in the United States. It was originally started as Black Music Month by President Jimmy Carter, who on June 7, 1979, decreed that June would be the month of black music. Since then, presidents have announced to Americans to celebrate Black Music Month. For each year of his term, President Barack Obama has announced the observance under a new title, African-American Music Appreciation Month. To celebrate, Transparent will be paying tribute to two revolutionary Chicago ancestors: guitarist Pete Cosey, and saxophonist Fred Anderson; and also in a performance that melds improvisational music with freestyle verse. These two special weekends of music will conclude our Fall ’12, Spring ’13 season.

Sunday, June 23, 2013 – 7PM

JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY SOLO – Tribute to Pete Cosey
JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY & ERNEST DAWKINS DUET (Jean-Paul Bourelly/guitar, Ernest Khabeer Dawkins/reeds)
NEW HORIZON PLUS – Tribute to Fred Anderson (Ernest Khabeer Dawkins/reeds, Junius Paul/bass, Isaiah Spencer/drums, + Jean-Paul Bourelly/guitar)

Sunday, June 30, 2013 – 7PM


Thomas Stanley/Efx, Luke Stewart/MPC, Bobby
Hill/record players + Lewis “Flip” Barnes – trumpet


Luke Stewart/bass, Aaron Martin/reeds, flute,
Sam Lohman/drums,

+ freestyle verse by Sub Z & Kokayi

This Week in Buenos Aires

nicoFrom Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Tuesday 28
Agustin Cosentino, Saxophone
Matias Vega, Contrabass
Manuel Nuñez, Piano
Guido Kohn, violoncello
Tomas Argomedo, Drums
At CC Matienzo , Matienzo 2424 22.00 hs

CARAVANA COLEMANICA ( ornette revisited)
Ada Rave (saxophones )
Nicolas Chientaroli (piano)
Maximiliano Kirszner (contrabass)
Fermin Merlo (drums)
At Ladran Sancho , Guardia Vieja 3811 , 23.00 hs

Wednesday 29
OCTAFONIC ( nu jazz )
Chino piazza -drums
Cirilo Fernandez – bass
Esteban Sehinkman – keys
Sergio Álvarez- guitar
Fran Huici – barítono sax
Leo Paganini – tenor sax
Juan Manuel Alfaro- alto sax
Nicolás Sorin– voice , synth
At Boris club gorritti 5568 , 22.00 and 00.00 hs

thursday 30
Daniel Pipi Piazzolla (drums)
Lucio Balduini (guitar)
Damián Fogiel tenor sax)
At Virasoro Bar , guatemala 4328 -21.30 hs

thursday 30
LA CORNETITA ( free jazz )
PABLO PUNTORIERO saxophones ,flutes, percussion
PABLO VAZQUEZ contrabass, violín
LULO ISOD drums & trombone.
20:30HS At CASA PRESA, Valdenegro 2636.

friday 31
Nicolás Ojeda: contrabass
Nicolás Olivera: guitar
Ernesto Amstein: piano
Fabian Feld: percussion
At Arte de Fluir – 23.00 hs

FERNANDO TARRES ( Piazzolla revisited )
rodrigo dominguez, sax
damian boltin , violin
Carmona, contrabasss
Brandan , drums
Tarres & carpossi , guitars
At Thelonius Bar ,21.30 hs

Sunday 2 June
RESISTENCIA CHACO ( free rock /experimental )
Franco Fontanarrosa , Electric bass
Augusto Urbini , Drums
Mu sanchez & Sergio Alvarez ,Guitars +Fx
+ guests TBA on saxophones
At El imaginario Guardia Vieja y Bulnes. 20:30 hs.

Coming to Seattle

English: Hamid Drake
English: Hamid Drake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:

THU. 5/30 – Mouth of Gravity with Denney Goodhew (piano), Mark Oi (guitar), Adam Kessler (drums)

SAT. 6/1 – Seattle Modern Orchestra performs spatial music by György Kurtág, Iannis Xenakis, and Jéremy Jolley; advance tickets here

TUE. 6/4 – Ivan Arteaga, saxophone

THU. 6/6 – Nonsequitur presents New York bassoonist and instrument builder Leslie Ross

FRI. 6/14 – Creative Drum Night with Don Berman, Greg Campbell, Chris Icasiano, Gregg Keplinger – solo sets followed by a quartet

SAT. 6/15 – Yesod plays Fourth World cross-cultural improvisations

MON. 6/17 – Charles Céleste Hutchins performs new computer compositions

THU. 6/20 – Earshot & Nonsequitur present French-American Peace Quartet (William Parker, bass; Hamid Drake, drums; Kidd Jordan, sax; François Tusques, trumpet); advance tickets here

SAT. 6/22 – Earshot & Nonsequitur present East/West Collective (Larry Ochs, saxophone; Miya Masaoka, koto; Xu Fng Xia, guzheng, voice; Sylvain Kassap, clarinets; Didier Petit, cello/voice) + the duo of Alfred 23 Harth & Torsten Müller, bass; advance tickets here



May 22, 2013
Brown Wing Overdrive, The Silent Barn
Chuck Bettis Derek Morton Mikey IQ Jones

May 22, 2013
DeTrop, The Silent Barn
Dave Grant Ryan Martin Theresa Smith

May 22, 2013
Mick Barr Johnny DeBlase Larry Kwartowitz, The Silent Barn
Johnny DeBlase Larry Kwartowitz Mick Barr

May 22, 2013
Pet Bottle Ningen, The Silent Barn
Chuck Bettis Dave Miller Dave Scanlon

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Facialmess / Sleep Sessions – Excessive Force
Edward Sol – Sun Storm Rampage
Tile – Anywhere
Joy of Nature – My Work Was Not Yet Done
Boar – Drown Yourself
Frank Lowe – The Loweski
Joe Panzner – Clearing, Polluted
The Incredible String Band – Live At The Filmore 1968
TBC – Insecta: The Birth Of Gods
Marzette Watts – Marzette Watts & Company
Black Beast of Arrrghhh – A Night at the Dollar Theatre
E-Musikgruppe-Lux Ohr – Kometenbahn