DMG Newsletter May 10th, 2013

Der australische Geiger Jon Rose beim Konzert ...
Der australische Geiger Jon Rose beim Konzert nit Futch im Club W71 in Weikersheim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From DMG:

Sun Ra: Continuation 2CD set! Jon Rose 4 Disc + Book #’d/Signed Box Set! Anthony Braxton Septet: Victo 2011! David Tudor 7CD Box! Joe McPhee Trio X: Complete Vilnius Concert DVD … Plus: TRIO X – Entire Backcatalog 10% OFF!!

Mike Pride x2 with Jon Irabagon/Eivind Opsvik/Bobby Previte et al! Michael Hailu/Bill Laswell’s Jano! Ikue Mori/Steve Noble! TrioVD! Axel Dorner/Mark Sanders! Evan Parker: Solo ’78 LP! Manfred Schoof: European Echoes LP!

Michel Brahm/Carl Ludwig Hubsch/Taylor Ho Bynum! Eric Boeren/Michael Moore/Wilbert De Joode/Han Bennink! Yasuda/Bleckmann Mother Goose Melodies! Cor Fuhler Corkestra! Mats Eilertsen! Hedvig Mollestad Trio! Kjetil Moster/Stale Storlokken!

Motorpsycho! Bevis Frond! Daniel Higgs! Arborea! Glenn Jones! Jean-Luc Fafchamps! Kunihara Akiyama! Michael Nyman Boxes! Chuck Johnson! Pail Jebanasam! Michael Garrick Trio + Don Weller!


The DMG Free Weekly In-Store Performance Series Continues in 2013 With:

Sunday, May 12th:

Sunday, May 19th – No In-Store while the Victoriaville Fest Takes Place!

Sunday, May 26th Double-Header:
6pm: SANDY EWEN & WEASEL WALTER – Guitar & Drums Duo!
7pm: SHAYNA DULBERGER & YONI KRETZMER CD Release set! – Double Bass & Sax Duo!

Sunday, June 2nd Double-Header:
6pm: WILL MASON MUSIC: Stuart Breczinski – Oboe / Daniel Fischer-Lochhead – Alto Sax / Travis Reuter & Andrew Smiley – Guitars / Dan Stein – Bass / Will Mason – Drums!
7pm: JEREMY CARLSTEDT & TIM MOTZER – Percussion, Guitar & Electronics!

Sunday, June 9th:

Sunday, June 16th – No In-Store During the Vision Fest!

Sunday, June 23rd:
6pm: KIRK KNUFFKE / CHRISTOF KNOCHE / SEAN ALI – Cornet/Trombone/Bass!

Sunday, June 30th:

Ulan Bator, Insect Ark, Ron Anderson, Martin Bisi in New York May 15

English: Ron Anderson at the Silent Barn with PAK
English: Ron Anderson at the Silent Barn with PAK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Ron Anderson:

Ulan Bator, Insect Ark, Ron Anderson, Martin Bisi – 8:30PM

The Delancey, 168 Delancey St. New York NY 10002 US (212)254-9920 Price: $8

Yesmisolga Records and the Delancey present four unique talents of the no wave / post rock / art rock scene who will converge in New York on May 15th. Collectively three of these groups have revolved around the Micheal Gira (Swans) axis for more than 20+ years. Additionally, Ron Anderson (Molecules, PAK and long time collaborator of Ulan Bator) will play his vintage Korg MS 20 and bass!

Ulan Bator was produced on Young Gods. Many members are long standing members of Faust as well. Gira says of Ulan Bator: “one of the best french bands in the last 300 years!” Ulan Bator’s first ever US tour will promote its new album “En France, En Trance”available only on the US tour. A live broadcast of Ulan Bator can be heard on Brian Turner’s WFMU show from May 7th.

Dana Schecter (Insect Ark) is known from her work with Angels of Light and Bee and Flower. Insect Ark is a solo project, described as having “A weighty drone vibe, beautifully drawn-out space filled with low-end waves crashing, gorgeous guitar textures, intriguing siren calls” (Dusted Magazine, March 2013). Tonight will be the Vinyl record release party for Insect Ark’s new EP, “Long Arms”.

Ron Anderson is a multi-instrumentalist and consummate traveler who appears on over 60 recording through out the world. Tonight he will play his original Korg MS20. He started playing with Ulan Bator in 1998 while living in Geneva. He has also performed and/or recorded with – Anthony Coleman, Jac Berrocal, Mark Ribot, Elliott Sharp the Sun City Girls, Shelly Hirsch, the Pool, Otomo Yoshihide, Seiichi Yamamoto, Jack Wright, John Zorn and many more.

Martin Bisi needs no introduction, as an indie rock performer and record producer. He has realized albums by Sonic Youth, Swans, Bill Laswell, Boredoms, John Zorn, Foetus, etc etc…Bisi continues his history of sonic excess and layering, which can be ambient and disorienting, and swings between heavier post-rock and indie songs, and intimate and entertaining interludes.

AMN Reviews: Yann Novak – Blue.Hour (Farmacia901); Paradise & Winchester (Unfathomless); Richard Chartier & Yann Novak – Undefined (Farmacia901)

Sometimes sociologists speak of “quasi-objects”, objects that are neither entirely natural nor entirely social, but rather serve as “operators” that draw people together in specific relationships as well as into relationships with non-human objects. Which sort of turns them into subjects, too. This is exactly what Yann Novak´s works are. As installation pieces, they are agents that exist to be related to – in situ in the gallery, surrounded by other visitors, with whom you might share the experience, or at home, in the form of a record, for a more private encounter.

At the beginning of 2012, Yann Novak deactivated his label Dragon´s Eye Recordings to concentrate on installation work. Rather than stem the flow of new records, Novak´s release schedule has been more crowded than ever, but now on a variety of different imprints. Of the three recent albums here, “Blue.Hour” is the most inventively designed, though all three are handsomely packaged. “Blue.Hour” is a twenty-one minute piece, housed in a soft, opaque plastic case with a short, horizontal line affixed to the front, on a clear plastic CD with a blue dot in the middle, on which the music is stored. In other words, it is a mini-CD hidden in the plain sight of a five-inch disc. His intent is to capture the twilight, that liminal moment which is not quite daylight, not yet darkness. Novak captures this attractive indirectness with a soft aerosol spray, the tiniest particles dancing their way beyond the curve of the earth. Its background is the gentle swell and recession of the sky.

Similarly aerated and atomized, “Paradise & Winchester” portrays another margin, a stretch of the Las Vegas Strip that technically lies outside the city limits and is the only spot on the map designated as a scenic route – but only at night. Novak made ten field recordings over three days attempting to capture quiet moments in the loudest place on earth. Raw and treated material are fused together blurring the boundary between real and imaginary. The voices of passersby and shoe leather scuffing sidewalks echo somewhere off in a narcotic haze and the oil-stain rainbow drone squirms and lifts off the pavement with a kind of slow ecstasy. A unique and not at all quite as alienated a portrayal of the town as one might expect.

Novak has released numerous collaborations, but “Undefined” is his first with kindred spirit Richard Chartier. Rather than focus on specific times or places, the duo concentrate of the act of listening itself, with Chartier sending Novak an unfinished piece for him to “finish” as he liked. The results were returned to Chartier for approval or rejection. Dedicated to “the uncertainties of Los Angeles”, Novak´s home of several years now, it appears to comprise three movements, sounding like someone deeply weighing his options. It long maintains a minimal but brassy, metallic ring that hints at impenetrability, an inability to warmly embrace the place, until a decidedly softer but brighter tone begins to melt down resistance and a decision, however apprehensively, is made. A coda – humming hydroelectric transmitters or singing crickets – hints at the promise of a comfy bed with cool sheets on a warm but not necessarily restful night.

Stephen Fruitman

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Various HNW Artists – Crimes Of Passion
Insomnia – Barbarella
Noldor – In the Woods of Elfes
Kvlt Of Hiob – Thy Kingly Mask
Rasalhague – Rage inside the Window
Light Collapse/Acerbitas – Split
Ecoute La Merde – Dammi La Frondola
Dead Perfection – Found Dead on the Shore Of The Lake
Altar of Plagues – Teethed Glory and Injury
Philippe Petit – Una Symphonia Della Paura
Death In June – The Snow Bunker Tapes
Joseph Hammer & Jason Crumer – Show Em the Door

Coming to Seattle

Paul Kikuchi 2
Paul Kikuchi 2 (Photo credit: michaelz1)

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:

THU. 5/16 – John Teske and the Any Ensemble perform a hybrid of composed and improvised music to be interpreted by any group of instruments. Music by Paul Kikuchi, John Teske, and other Seattle composers. With performers Kate Olson, clarinets; Emma Ashbrook, bassoon; Alex Guy, viola; Natalie Mai Hall, cello; John Teske, double bass; Paul Kikuchi, percussion.

FRI. 5/17 – Jenny Ziefel & Beverly Setzer play new works for two bass clarinets by William O. Smith, Jim Knodle, Daniel Barry, Mauricio Murcia Bedoya, Theresa Martin

SAT. 5/18 – Tom Varner Quintet (T. Varner, French horn/composer; Mark Taylor, alto saxophone; Eric Barber, tenor saxophone ; Phil Sparks, bass; Byron Vannoy, drums): improvisations, new works for quintet, and selected pieces from Varner’s three acclaimed 1990s quintet CD’s.

FRI. 5/24 – Lori Goldston, solo cello

THU. 5/30 – Mouth of Gravity with Denney Goodhew (piano), Mark Oi (guitar), Adam Kessler (drums)

SAT. 6/1 – Seattle Modern Orchestra performs spatial music by György Kurtág, Iannis Xenakis, and Jéremy Jolley

TUE. 6/4 – Ivan Arteaga, saxophone

THU. 6/6 – Nonsequitur presents New York bassoonist and instrument builder Leslie Ross

Aural Detritus Festival in Brighton UK

From Aural Detritus:

The aural detritus concert series, this June sees its return, this time over the course of three consecutive days: Friday 21st June (evening only), Saturday 22nd, (all day) and Sunday 23rd (evening).

Participants include some musicians making a welcome return and some new faces; both nationally and internationally known and drawn from the local area. These include:

Sarah Hughes & Kostis Kilymis
Dirar Kalash
Dario Fariello
Angharad Davies/Patrick Farmer/Sarah Hughes/Kostis Kilymis/Daniel Jones/Paul Khimasia Morgan
Tony Bevan
Iris Garrelfs
Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga & Grundik Kasyansky
Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble
Jeremy Young & Daniel Merrill aka Foxout!
Gus Garside
Neil Luck
Lama Dalai
David Birchall & Paul Khimasia Morgan
Noteherder & McCloud/_minimalVector
Jason Williams & Dan Palmer
EMB Ortolan
Daniel Spicer and more…

Festival Highlights:
The premiere of Patrick Farmer’s score, A tree / is as complicated as is / A word
performed by Angharad Davies, Sarah Hughes, Kostis Kilymis, Daniel Jones, Paul Khimasia Morgan and Patrick Farmer;
Iris Garrelfs’ audio/visual work traces / inofwith / sound;
Noteherder & McCloud’s collaboration with video artist Bartosz Dylewski aka _minimalVector;
Nil [Dan Powell & Chris Parfitt] perform acoustically with objects and site specific video accompaniment.