Music on 1K of RAM a Day: John Bischoff’s Computer Constellations in Chicago Tonight

From Gapers Block, a preview of tonight’s Lampo show:

This Saturday, Lampo welcomes John Bischoff, a composer of computer-generated (and manipulated) music and found of pioneering computer-based music groups The League of Automatic Music Composers and The Hub, at the Graham Foundation’s Madlener House (4 W. Burton Pl.) at 8pm. The League of Automatic Music Composers featured its primary performers (Bischoff, Horton, Tim Perkis, David Behrman, and others) working with KIM-1 computers, just a circuit board and some cobbled-together parts (including a cassette storage drive and a hexadecimal keypad to program in the 6502 assembly language) to push the devices to their limits – not a hard thing to do in a machine with 1K of RAM.