May in Portland

Lots of events, many involving Portland’s Creative Music Guild:

The Improvisation Summit of Portland 2013

The second year of our festival, the Improvisation Summit of Portland, is happening on May 31st and June 1st at Sandbox Studio. It’s going to be totally amazing. Here’s who is playing:

Bands/Musicians: William Hooker (from NYC) leading an ensemble of locals and playing solo, Why I Must Be Careful Big Band, 1939 Ensemble, Daniel Menche, HITS (featuring Lisa & Heather from Explode into Colors), The John Gross Trio, Grammies, Gulls, Elfin Elephant (members of AU), Doug Theriault, Like a Villain, Golden Retriever, Battle Hymns & Gardens and Thollem McDonas.

Film organizations Cinema Project (presenting Wavemakers, a feature length documentary about the ondes Martenot, an early electronic instrument with the director in attendance) and The Experimental Film Festival PDX presenting two films: Bridges (contact mics on three NYC bridges reveal their macroacoustics) by Kevin Allen and “C.A.G.E.” (a faux-documentary about an unnamed experimental composer) by Richard Evans.

Dancer/musician groupings: Linda Austin, Danielle Ross, Gregg Bielemeier, Lisa Schonberg, Jim McGinn, John Niekrasz, Noelle Stiles, Tere Mathern.

For those of you who attended last year, you know how amazing the festival is. We think this year’s festival is going to be even better. Here’s the thing, we absolutely need your help to make it happen. Please go to our fundraising campaign, check out the awesome perks we have available (like posters, naming rights to our new sound equipment, a cocktail party with the board and more) and contribute what you can to make this event happen successfully. We really can’t do this without your help.

The Essentials-
May 31 (starting at 6pm) & June 1 (starting at 3PM)
Sandbox Studio (420 NE 9th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232)
$12-18 – single day, $16-40 for two days
Click here to buy tickets.
All Ages
Sponsored by Sandbox Studio, Beacon Sound, Map Room Studio, Stumptown Coffee.
ISP 2013 Fundraisers

We’re doing a series of micro fundraisers for the ISP. We hope to see at a bunch of them.


May 26: A Preview of Lucy Yim’s Light Noise with dancers Lucy Yim, Taka Yamamoto & music by Jesse Mejia. 4323 NE 18th Ave, 7pm – 9pm, $10-15 sliding scale. Please RSVP to or on the forthcoming Facebook Invite. We have space for only about 20 people. Don’t miss this intimate performance.

This project is a meditation on the sensuality of the body, as a medium, and the power of the body, as an image. Through a process of think-dancing, a myriad of archetypes wash through. In some ways they are like ghosts, or visitors from the past, and in other ways they are like fantasy beings, or future selves that may never be realized. In this way, we encounter potential that surpasses physical ability. Our bodies are not completely ours. Our bodies are sculptures, they are animals grazing in the pasture, they are cyborgs and aliens, they are warriors and queens. They are crystalline forms and moving poems. Ancient and strange, this carnage is known to harden, dismantle, widen, soften, dissipate and regenerate.

Light Noise is a dance project by Lucy Lee Yim that has been in process throughout 2013. Light Noise is a collaboration with composer Jesse Mejia and dancers Keyon Gaskin, Taka Yamamoto, and Leah Wilmoth. The final production is slated for August 2013.

For more info on the artist:

Kill All Festivals

Kill All Festivals is a collaborative event between the Experimental Film Festival PDX, The Creative Music Guild, Northwest Animation Festival, and Risk/Reward Festival of New Performance.

This one-night collaborative event at the White Box (24 NW 1st Ave) will consist of film screenings, music performances, and a festival unveiling presentation by Risk/Reward. The event will not only be a unique night of programming for the White Box but act as the kick-off and promotional event for all the festivals (which are taking place in late May and June).

Here’s what’s happening:
7pm- Doors
7:30pm – Performance by Noah Bernstein (saxophone, Grammies, Shy Girls, Tune Yards), Alyssa Reed-Stuewe (voice, Eet), Dawn Stoppiello (dance, Troika Ranch), Scott Cutshall (drums, John Gross Trio)
7:50pm – Selection of Animation from the NWAF
8:10pm- Unveiling of Risk/Reward festival lineup
8:30pm – Selection of experimental films from EFFPortland
9:00pm – Screening of the EFF Portland 2012 Super 8 Exquisite Corpse featuring a live score by Brian Mumford (Dragging an Ox Through Water, Sun Foot)
10:00pm – END

EFF Portland:
Creative Music Guild:
Northwest Animation Festival:
The Outset Series

May 1: Rich Halley & Abusive Consumer. By the time you get this, you will have already been to this show. It was awesome, right? Yes. Check our Rich’s new CD, Crossing the Passes. It’s really, really good.
May 15: Unico & an ISP 2013 Preview w/ Ryan Stuewe (sample) / Keyon Gaskin (dance) and Catherine Lee (Oboe), Matt Hannafin (percussion) & Tere Mathern (dance). Revival Drum Shop, 1465 NE Prescott, $5-15, 8pm – 10pm
June 5: Emily Hay & Brad Dutz (from Seattle).
Other Events:

May 13: Battle Hymns & Gardens, Bad Luck (Seattle), Danielle Ross/Ben Kates duo at the Piano Fort. A great lineup at one of the most beautiful spaces you can ever see a show in. More info here.

Monsieur Délire Reviews

avant-garde pianist Matthew Shipp
avant-garde pianist Matthew Shipp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Monsieur Délire:

REG SCHWAGER & MICHEL LAMBERT / Trio Improvisations (Jazz from Rant)
CACTUS TRUCK / Live in USA (eh? )
GIOVANNI DI DOMENICO & MO(VE)MENTS ENSEMBLE / Terra Che Cammina (Spocus Records)
HINTANOI / Siyaha (Twisted Tree Line)
THE SWEET VANDALS / After All (Sweet Records)
ROTHKAMM / K5 (Flux Records)
CANDLESNUFFER & LUKAS SIMONIS / Nature Stands Aside (HellosQuare Recordings / Z6 Records)
PEGELIA GOLD & ARTZENTRAL / Polaris (Unit Records)
CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING / Chelsea Light Moving (Matador)

Round-Robin Duets at Brooklyn Masonic Temple Reviewed


The program, which also started the Undead Music Festival, lined up 20 musicians to play two overlapping five-minute segments: first with one partner, then another. It was an experiment in personal and musical interaction, and most of the time it was successful — particularly when jazz musicians, who make improvisation and interaction their mission, were involved. There were various strategies, conscious or inadvertent. Musicians tried dialogue and simultaneity, drone and dissonance, deference and competition, empathy and obliviousness; idioms mattered, but were permeable. There was a lot of careful listening onstage — and some in a surprisingly chatty audience.

Another review is here.

Music on 1K of RAM a Day: John Bischoff’s Computer Constellations in Chicago Tonight

From Gapers Block, a preview of tonight’s Lampo show:

This Saturday, Lampo welcomes John Bischoff, a composer of computer-generated (and manipulated) music and found of pioneering computer-based music groups The League of Automatic Music Composers and The Hub, at the Graham Foundation’s Madlener House (4 W. Burton Pl.) at 8pm. The League of Automatic Music Composers featured its primary performers (Bischoff, Horton, Tim Perkis, David Behrman, and others) working with KIM-1 computers, just a circuit board and some cobbled-together parts (including a cassette storage drive and a hexadecimal keypad to program in the 6502 assembly language) to push the devices to their limits – not a hard thing to do in a machine with 1K of RAM.