Ten Years of Avant Music News

Ten years ago today, I posted the first three articles on a web site that I called “Avant Music News.”

I’m not much for sentiment, or for assigning importance to big round numbers. But, I cannot discount the impact that AMN has had on my life. Beyond spending 20-30 minutes every morning sorting through submissions every morning and then doing the same in the afternoons, AMN has been a musical journey for me. Listening to diverse music, meeting interesting people, and hopefully doing my small part to get the word out about interesting events and releases happening the world over. I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never be able to listen to all of the good music coming out because it just isn’t possible in one lifetime. But I hope that I can point out its existence, if nothing else.

AMN has gotten bigger than just me, which is a good thing. More people are writing for us, and our readers number in the thousands and span the globe. And they all like weird music. I find that oddly comforting.

While I don’t plan for the future of AMN, at least not explicitly, I hope it continues to slowly grow and branch out. In other words, I have no clear idea where the next ten years will lead, but I’m looking forward to them.



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