Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival Starts Tonight

Rafael Anton Irisarri at Discovery Park, April...
Rafael Anton Irisarri at Discovery Park, April 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From BEAF!, a festival of music and film in Bellingham Washington.

thursday april 25
wwu pac room 16, $10 general/$7 students
Denise Fillion & Chris Graham (NYC) [piano/percussion duo] performing Karlheinz Stockhausen (GER), John Luther Adams (Alaska), Bruce Hamilton (BHAM) & Adam Haws (SEA)

the wild buffalo, $20 (21+)
Boogie Universal/Wild Buffalo present: MiMOSA (LA),
Max Taylor (BHAM), Eyelove (BHAM),
///show just added///

friday april 26​
wwu concert hall, $10 general/$7 students
Wayne Horvitz & friends (Tzadik, Knitting Factory, Elektra, SEA),
Christopher Bailey with Shiau-uen Ding (NYC)

commercial street theater (1302-1310 Commercial St), $5
The West (SEA), Eagle Teeth (BHAM), VR Trainers (BHAM)

rumors cabaret, $3 (21+) Short-wave (BHAM), DJ Postal (BHAM), & for one night only the return of the discophile (moon)

Saturday april 27​
wwu pac room 16, $10 general/$7 students (raffle prizes!) Rafael Anton Irisarri (Ghostly, SEA), IG88 (Nueva Forma, SEA) WWEAMS showcase – Jon Bash, Kramer Elwell, Matt Pollock (BHAM)

the shakedown, $5 (21+) Jiminy Glitch (BHAM), Dropsquad (BHAM), Soffos (BHAM/Tokyo) Sensebellum (BHAM), Jaderade (BHAM)

Sunday april 28
commercial street theater (1302-1310 Commercial St), $3
Heart Attack (BHAM), Sea Frailty (BHAM), heatsink (BHAM)

May at Roulette

English: Nick Didkovsky playing at The Stone i...
English: Nick Didkovsky playing at The Stone in NYC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From New York’s Roulette:


509 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Visit for More Info

May 1 – 3, 2013, 8pm
Wadada Leo Smith
The illustrious trumpeter-composer Wadada Leo Smith presents a complete version of the 5-hour work that stunned the jazz world last fall: “Ten Freedom Summers”, a cycle of compositions about the American civil rights movement. The result of research and reflection concerning the philosophical, social and political history of the United States of Americ, “Ten Freedom Summers” is programmed as 22 compositions spanning 3 evenings of music, and will be performed by Golden Quartet, Pacifica Coral Reef Ensemble, and video artist Jesse Gilbert.

May 6, 2013, 8pm
Craig Taborn Trio
Recently hailed as “one of the visionaries of the current wave”, Craig Taborn has a unique perspective on creative music-making, subverting expectations whether playing solo or trio. Over the past eight years, the Craig Taborn Trio has channeled the special skills of drummer Gerald Cleaver and bassist Thomas Morgan, with concern for compositional shape and multi-layered improvisational detail, as the music is pulled between the poles of density and spaciousness, to dramatic and thrilling effect. His new trio recording Chants , and his previous solo album Avenging Angel are both on the ECM label.

May 9, 2013, 8pm
INTERPRETATIONS: Brandon Ross // Marty Ehrlich
NY premiere of Marty Ehrlich’s string quartet “Plowshares People”, & two world premieres: one for solo clarinet, and one for string quartet plus alto saxophone, with cellist Alex Waterman, violinist Jenny Choi, and others. “For Living Lovers”, the acoustic duo of Brandon Ross (guitar/banjo/voice) and Stomu Takeishi (acoustic bass guitar) presents an evening with special guests, preceding the May 21st 2013 release of the duo’s debut recording, “Revealing Essence” on Sunnyside Records.

May 10, 2013, 8pm
Jennifer Choi in “European Night” w/ guests Pala Garcia, & Michael Nicolas play Gubaidulina, Sciarrino, & Beglarian
Helping to define the contemporary violin, “One of New York’s most reliably adventurous performers” (TONY) Jennifer Choi teams up with Pala Garcia (violin) and Michael Nicolas (cello) to perform an ethereal set of string duos as well as solo works by staple European composers of today, featuring Luigi Nono’s Hay que caminar soñando, Sofia Gubaidulina’s Rejoice!, Helmut Lachenmann’s Toccatina for solo violin, and Salvatore Sciarrino Caprices.

May 11, 2013, 1pm
[ROULETTE KIDS!] Brooklyn Philharmonic Youth Orchestra w/ Nicole Federici and Jason Kao Hwang
The recently formed Brooklyn Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (BPYO) joins Roulette Kids for their very first concert! Kids – and adults – of all ages are invited to hear the BPYO, led by Music Director Nicole Federici and featuring guest artist Jason Kao Hwang, as they perform select movements from violin virtuoso Heinrich Biber’s Battalia a 10, a special world premiere commission from composer Jason Kao Hwang, and Butch Morris’ Nowhere Ever After.

May 12, 2013, 7:30pm
Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin // Co La
Two of the most distinctive voices in electronic music, Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and Tim Hecker have spent years warping the grids between pop, ambient and composition. Hecker’s music is built on static and shifting drones, intensely physical and tactile, while Lopatin’s approach is comparatively playful and steeped in appropriation. The duo’s collaborative debut, “Instrumental Tourist”, released on Software Recordings Co, finds two artists transcending their respective visions by agreeing to a new language, one which verbalizes their mutual infatuations and apprehensions with the systems they’ve both built and are buried by. Tonight is the duo’s first US performance. Also performing tonight is Co La, the primary project of musician and producer Matt Papich, whose elusive and abstract sample-based electronic music draws from the saccharine core of reggae, exotica, and 60s girl groups.

May 14, 2013, 8:30pm
Doron Sadja “DON’T MAKE ME”
Doron Sadja’s body of work spans everything from immersive multichannel sound pieces to pelvis thrusting performances, feces filled speaker installations, and stroboscopic smoke, mirror, laser, and projection shows. Equal parts disgust and empathy, organic and synthetic, D. Sadja’s work excites the psyche with extremes to create hyper-emotive sonic architecture. Tonight, Sadja presents the premiere of DON’T MAKE ME, a multichannel work developed specifically for Roulette’s concert hall: combining lush romantic synthesizers, dense noise, binaural frequencies, and high intensity lights in an onslaught of highly controlled chaos.

May 16, 2013, 8:30pm
Amy X Neuburg // Sideband
Bay Area techno-songstress Amy X Neuburg performs from her repertoire of ‘avant-cabaret’ songs for voice, percussion-controlled live looping, and live electronic sound, including old favorites, recent compositions, and a multi-layered cover of Joni Mitchell’s “California.” Using specially designed and custom made hemispherical speakers and a fleet of laptops, Sideband turns each member of its ensemble in to an island of sound, returning a sense of acoustics and space to the normally flat world of electronic music while also inspiring composers, performers, and audience members to reevaluate the role of computers in music. In addition to their own sets, Amy X and Sideband will perform a piece together.
Sideband’s laptop-ensemble program for this performance will include a variety of aesthetics and electronic controller instruments. We will explore the gamut of music or repertoire from ritualistic sound synthesis to dance-controlled rhythmic pulsing. We will be doing pieces by Sideband composers Anne Hege, Lainie Fefferman, Konrad Kaczmarek, Jascha Narveson, and Dan Trueman, as well as a new work by and with Amy X Neuburg.

May 19, 2013, 8pm
Ice Cream Time: Prism Quartet with Nick Didkovsky & Thomas Dimuzio
The PRISM Quartet, composer/guitarist Nick Didkovsky, and sonic alchemist Thomas Dimuzio perform Ice Cream Time, an evening-length work by Didkovsky that uses electric guitar, an onslaught of saxophones, and real-time computer processing to explore the boundaries between human- and software-generated music. Didkovsky is best known for his work with Doctor Nerve, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, and Bang On A Can, and for developing his own computer music language.

May 21, 2013 8pm
Ear Heart Music Presents: BUILD: Fugue
Talented violinist/composer Matt McBane premieres his chamber opera, Fugue, written for critically acclaimed band BUILD, solo female vocalist, small chorus, dancers choreographed by Laura Diffenderfer, and video. Fugue is based on the true story of a young NY teacher who, struck with a dissociative fugue, vanishes, only to be found three weeks later floating off the southern tip of Manhattan with no memory of the episode. The opera presents an impressionistic meditation on the nature of memory, identity, and an individual’s relationship to a city.

May 23, 2013, 8pm
Sheri Wills – King Lavra
King Lavra is a micro-opera by Czech composer, Jan Jirásek, with live video by Sheri Wills, performed by KHORIKOS. Based on an old folk tale, it’s a contemporary re-telling of secrets concealed and revealed – a psychological story of an individual hiding a silent shame and a political one of the people’s need to know the true nature of their leaders.

May 29, 2013, 8pm
Andrew Lafkas (Jerome Foundation Commission)
Double bassist Andrew Lafkas’ work is focused on encouraging group intuition, in part inspired by experiences working in groups led by Milo Fine and by Bill Dixon. Tonight’s concert will present a new work written specifically for a nine-piece ensemble featuring Barry Weisblat (radio), Adam Diller (bass clarinet), Tucker Dulin (trombone), Karen Waltuch (viola), Jason Brogan (electric guitar), Ron Stabinsky (piano), Leif Sundstrom (percussion), Sean Meehan (percussion), and Andrew Lafkas (bass).

May 30, 2013, 8pm
Showpaper Presents (lineup TBA)
Showpaper – a free bi-weekly publication promoting all-ages & DIY show in the NYC / tri-state area – presents a series of events at Roulette celebrating the newspaper’s guest curators and participating artists’ work, in newsprint as well as their explorations in the mediums of sound and video. Musical performances will be paired with projections and artist talks to help showcase the multiple dimensions of each of these works and their surrounding communities.

May 31, 2013, 8pm
Ned Rothenberg / Rinde Eckert
Performance artist/vocalist Rinde Eckert and composer/performer Ned Rothenberg team up for Five Beasts, a set of human portraits, men and women seen as if by an animal, the language a kind of music or noise, the gestures unaccountable. We are, most of us, lost in a forest of our own design, a welter of unconscious narratives, the pull of our complicated past, an obsessive constructor of futures, howling our troubled allegory of self – our masquerade-cum-delusion. But the animal informs us, teaches, if we listen. Ned and Rinde are joined by beatbox artist Adam Matta.

Hopscotch Music Festival Lineup Annouced

Charlemagne Palestine
Charlemagne Palestine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hopscotch Music Festival takes place September 5-7 in North Carolina. The lineup is quite lengthy, but features a few familiar artists:

Ahleuchatistas (Asheville, N.C.)
Califone (Chicago, Ill./Los Angeles, Calif.)
Charlemagne Palestine (Brussels, Belgium)
David Grubbs (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
John Cale (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Ken Vandermark & Tim Daisy Duo (Chicago, Ill.)
Merzbow (Tokyo, Japan)
Pere Ubu (Cleveland, Ohio)
Wolf Eyes (East Lansing, Mich./Detroit, Mich.)

Steve Coleman and Five Elements at the Stone Reviewed

Steve Coleman in Paris, July 2004
Steve Coleman in Paris, July 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The alto saxophonist and composer Steve Coleman puts his trust in systems, though he’s too rigorous to let any premise go untested. During his first set at the Stone in the East Village on Tuesday night, he kept setting up patterns and disrupting them, in variable cycles. Working as usual with Five Elements, his flagship band, he created the feeling of a meticulously honed aesthetic subjected to unrelenting pressure.