AMN Reviews: Beresford Küchen & Solberg – Three Babies

Steve Beresford
Steve Beresford (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beresford Küchen & Solberg: Three Babies [PM 19]

This release captures the excitement and risk-taking of a trio performance recorded live at Café OTO. The three tracks, featuring Steve Beresford (piano and objects), Martin Küchen (sopranino saxophone) and Ståle Liavik Solberg (drums and percussion), document the being-in-the-moment of free improvisation free of edits and second guessing.

The group’s improvisational voice tends toward the aural likeness of a shifting mosaic, as fragmentary phrases and clusters of sounds and tones are assembled, disassembled, and put back together again in a different order. Küchen’s acute sopranino sax supplies a spikiness effectively complemented by Beresford’s restless exploration of the piano, while Solberg’s percussion undergirds the sound with a rumbling continuo or sporadic punctuation as needed. As with the best free improvisation, all three musicians interact with an organic sympathy, leaving each other openings or lending support as the unfolding situation demands.