AACM’s Wadada Leo Smith, Pulitzer Finalist

Wadada Leo Smith
Wadada Leo Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From chicagotribune.com:

Ever since the late 1990s, the forces behind the Pulitzer Prize in music have tried to push the award outside the narrow precincts of classical composition. On Monday, the Pulitzers made the next dramatic step in that evolution, with jazz musician Wadada Leo Smith, an early member of Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, announced as a finalist for the most prestigious award in music.

New and Upcoming Releases

Uri Caine
Uri Caine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few random releases of interest out either now or soon:

Anna Webber – Percussive Mechanics
April 16, 2013 (Pirouet Records)

Multi-instrumentalist composer and improvisor Anna Webber is making a name for herself in the experimental jazz community based in Brooklyn, New York. Already known as an improvising saxophonist and flutist who persistently avoids the expected, Percussive Mechanics, Webber’s new release on Pirouet Records, firmly establishes her as a forward-thinking composer.

Dave Douglas Quintet – Time Travel
April 9, 2013 (Greenleaf Music)

Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed Be Still, trumpeter/composer/ bandleader/label founder and musical community builder Dave Douglas and his label Greenleaf Music proudly announces an all-instrumental follow-up to the album Stereophile. Even with the identical personnel – the saxophonist Jon Irabagon, the pianist Matt Mitchell, the bassist Linda Oh and the drummer Rudy Royston, (sans Aoife O’Donovan), Time Travel is its own statement.

Uri Caine/Han Bennink – Sonic Boom
April 9 2013 (816 Records)

In 2011, drummer and visual artist Han Bennink and pianist/composer Uri Caine recorded a CD called Sonic Boom which was a recording of a live concert they gave at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, the most recent recorded culmination of a long-lasting musical friendship. The duo plays original music composed by Uri and Han as well as free improvisations and spontaneous compositions. Han Bennink has long been known for his creative and groundbreaking approach to playing drums and is an integral part of the innovative Dutch scene. Uri Caine is a New York based keyboardist and composer who has played many forms of Jazz and improvised music throughout his career. Together they are known as Sonic Boom and their music is exciting,unpredictable and dynamic.

Uri Gurvich – BabEl
April 23, 2013 (Tzadik Records)

Since his debut CD, The Storyteller on Tzadik in 2010 Uri has been receiving consistent accolades as a major new voice in jazz, partially spurred by John Zorn‘s belief in him as an artist. He has been a regular for the last three years at The Stone’s monthly improv benefits. He remains incredibly active, performing with some of the best new players in jazz (Francisco Mela, Leo Genovese, Peter Slavov, Ronen Itzik, Asen Doykin, Chris Potter, Esperanza Spalding) as well as with his own quartet. His second CD features his tight touring quartet with special guest Moroccan oud player Brahim Fribgane.

This Week in Buenos Aires

nuntempe facebook photoFrom Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

AT Ladran Sancho, Guardia vieja 3811
Tuesday Jam,( Free jazz ) 22.30 hs
I Set : Dominguez / hernandez duo ( saxophoes & guitar )
II Set :Leisbon Trio
Santiago Leisbon, piano
Fernando Toyos, contrabass
Damian Allegretti, Drums

At Virasoro bar guatemala 4328
Saturday 20:
22.30 hs -RODRIGO DOMINGUEZ CUARTETO ( free jazz )
Rodrigo Dominguez (sax)
Ernesto Jodos (piano)
Leo Cejas (contrabasso)
Carto Brandan (drums)

After Midnight show 00:45hs
-LA CORNETITA ( free jazz )
Pablo Puntoriero (sax, flutes, percussion)
Sergio Lamas (guitar)
Pablo Vazquez (contrabass)
Lulo Isod (drums).

At Vicente El Absurdo (Julián Álvarez 1886)
Thursday 18 , 21.00 hs
Ensamble Chancho a Cuerda ( avant garde/ unclasified)
Nahuel Carfi ,piano voice
Julián Galay, Bass
Agustín Lumerman ,percussion
Lautaro Matute ,guitar
Nicolás Rallis, guitar
Joaquín Chibán, violín
Manuel Rodríguez Riva, clarinets

At CCEBA Florida 943
Thursday 18, 19.00 hs

BUSQUEDAS SONORAS (electronics / experimental )

At Casa Dasein (Av. Estado de Israel 4116)
-Friday 19 , 22.00 hs
Violeta Garcia – cello
Camilo Ángeles – flute (free improvisations )

-Saturday 20 , 21.00 hs
Nuntempe Ensamble ( classical contemporary )
Pablo Boltshauser, Andrés Vaccarelli, Ariel Elijovich y Manuel Moreno : Guitar and electric Guitars .
Cuarteto nº2 – Eblis Álvarez
String Machine – Marcelo Delgado
Warmth – David Lang
Islands – Philip Glass
Electric Guitar Phase – Steve Reich

At conDiT Iguazú 451
Sunday 21, 17.00 hs
Martín Devoto, cello ( classical contemporary / electronics )

José Rafael Subía Valdez, live electronics

Helmut Lachenmann (1935) – Pression (1969) für einen Cellisten
Dieter Ammann (1962) – Piece for cello (1994-1998)
Marcos Franciosi (1973) – Líneas y puntos sobre aguas oscuras (2008)
José Rafael Subía Valdez (1985) – Huert (2010), cello & live electronics
Mario Mary (1961) – Objets croisés II (1998), cello & electronic sounds
Antonio Tauriello (1931 – 2011) – Dos niños amenazados por un ruiseñor (1986), cello & tape

At Centro Cultural del Frente de Artistas , Yatay 334
Sunday 21 , 20hs
Doble Cuarteto ( free Improv /Experimental )
4 saxophones : Darío Dolci, Ada Rave, Sam Nacht, Luis Conde.
4 guitars: Fernando Perales, Jorge espinal, Luciano Vitale, Subh.

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Men Of Science – Self Titled
NDE – Kampfbereit
Jim Haynes – The Wires Cracked
Ov Hollowness – The World Ends
Cory Strand – Halloween: A Reinterpretation
Blood of the Black Owl – Light The Fires!
Artificial Memory Trace – Ultrealith
Zone Tripper – Self Titled
Burial Ground & Crown Of Bone – Hellraiser: A Tribute
Carrion Black Pit/ Nascitari – The Conqueror Worm
Schloss Tegal – Oranur III



April 13, 2013
ICP Orchestra, Littlefield
Ab Baars Ernst Glerum Han Bennink Mary Oliver Michael Moore Thomas Heberer Tobias Delius Tristan Honsinger Wolter Wierbos

April 10, 2013
Vinny Golia Max Johnson Weasel Walter, IBeam
Max Johnson Vinny Golia Weasel Walter

April 9, 2013
Denman Maroney & Dominic Lash, Spectrum
Denman Maroney Dominic Lash

April 9, 2013
Glenn Cornett Solo, Spectrum
Glenn Cornett