AMN Reviews: BeMyDelay – Hazy Lights (Boring Machines)

BeMyDelay is Marcella Riccardi, an experimentalist from Italy whose solo work has never been as stripped down as this before. Bicontinental, she has been a member of widely-unknown post-folk and indie bands including Franklin Delano, Massimo Volume and Blake/e/e/e, recording with the likes of Fred Lonberg-Holm and a fistful of other Chicago luminaries.

Previously heard wreathed in tape loops and reverb, “Hazy Lights” is little more than voice and acoustic guitar, with some notable, tasteful electric colouring. A bit Irish (“I Fear the Fury of My Wind”, based on a William Blake poem), a bit country (wonderfully woeful slide guitar on “You are My Sunshine” and “Roses and Snow”, a little high-lonesome harmonica), a very Leonard Cohenesque (early, Aegean period) “Stranger”, and all pebbly-smooth, suede not leather. Her voice is clear and fine lyrics enunciated with restrained devotion, until she quivers at the finale of the setting of an Alfonso Gatta poem, a raindrop, falling alone. It´s pretty and moving and meaningful.

Stephen Fruitman