John Zorn In Minneapolis Preview

John Zorn / Bill Laswell / Milford Graves


The musical career of John Zorn has been akin to pouring a gallon’s worth of creativity into a quart’s worth of time. Zorn has been called a genius, a pillar, a force of nature and a prodigy. His tastes are omnivorous, his output prodigious, his influence on experimental modern music is pervasive. And in this year of his 60th birthday, his curiosity and artistry remain inexhaustible. Not surprisingly, he is a quintessential figure in the history of Walker Art Center, which will celebrate “Zorn @ 60” with an array of events beginning Saturday afternoon and extending into the wee hours Sunday. Naturally, Zorn himself will control the action every step of the way.

AMN Picks of the Week: Colla Parte / Braxton / Bianchi / Al Tiro / Sonic Abyss

Anthony Braxton
Anthony Braxton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Colla Parte – A Cast of Shadows (2013)
Anthony Braxton – Quartet / Quintet (NYC) 2011
Maurizio Bianchi – Apokalypsis XXIII (2011)
Al Tiro – Catodo Duo (2013)
Sonic Abyss – Live at the Barbicon Centre (2012)

Upcoming New York Shows

English: Ches Smith at a concert with Marc Rib...

From New York’s thesupercoda:

4/5 at Spectrum – Variety Night Experiment no. 5/Ron Leach art Opening. A performance by Coco Karol, w/ Beninghove’s Hangmen as House Band. feat short and intense performances by Andrea Parkins/Dominic Lash, David Grollman/Emilie Mouchous/Floria Nica/Valerie Kuehne, Kid Millions/Spreaders, Sean Ali/Koh Otera. 6:30-11:30p. $15. 121 Ludlow st. buzz 2

4/8 at The Panoply Performance Laboratory – Percussive?@#$%^!! – feat. Ches Smith, Caleb Herron, David Grollman, Flin van Hemmen, Jimmy Lopez. 8p, $5-15, 104 Meserole st.

4/12 at Spectrum – Variety Night no. 6 – w/ZAVODNIKS as house band. feat. performances by Courtney Leigh Novak, the Georges, TBA. 8p, $15, 121 Ludlow st. buzz 2

4/13 at The Panoply Performance Laboratory – Johnny Butler and Friends – feat. Johnny Butler, Matt Nelson, Public Speaking, Tom Blancarte, Brittany Anjou Trio, Valerie Kuehne, DJ Selector F Yes, baked goods for sale by Laurel Bear. 8p, $5-15, 104 Meserole st.

Coming to An die Musik LIVE

taborn (Photo credit: andynew)

From Washington DC’s An die Musik LIVE:

April 21, Sunday, 8 pm
A collaboration between Mike Sebastian (tenor sax, saxello and bass clarinet) and T. A. Zook (basscello, lap steel guitar; misc. instruments), which began in 2008. Its performances have often featured guests/ Performances by the Lost Civilizations experimental music project are totally unscored, unrehearsed and extemporaneously improvised on the spot.

April 30, Tuesday, 8 & 9:30 pm
New Release and Tour
Craig Taborn, piano
Thomas Morgan, double bass
Gerald Cleaver, drums
Chants, the highly anticipated ECM recording from the Craig Taborn Trio will release on April 16th.

This Week in Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Friday 5th

At Casa de la cultura FNA – Rufino de Elizalde 2831 – 20.30 hs
Claudio Cecolli (new roots )
fefe botti ,contrabass
germán gómez percussion
diego suarez – fernando lerman , Flutes
Cecolli , 8 string guitar

At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4328
– 22.30 hs CUARTETO PROMEDIO ( free jazz )
Pepi Taveira (drums)
Pablo Puntoriero (saxophones)
Ramiro Penovi (guitar)
Luis Agudo (percussion).

00.30 hs SANTIAGO LEIBSON TRIO ( new jazz )
Santiago Leibson (piano)
Maximiliano Kirszner (contrabass)
Nicolás Politzer (drums).

Saturday 6 th

At fundacion LEBENSOHN,General Hornos 238.- 22.00 hs
unoxuno + fernando perales (experimental/ free improv )

At Virasoro Bar , Guatemala 4328
22.30 ERNESTO JODOS CUARTETO ( new jazz)
Ernesto Jodos (piano) – Pablo Moser (sax) – Mauricio Dawid (contrabass)- R. Gatica (drums)

00.30 hs LA CORNETITA ( free jazz )
Pablo Puntoriero (saxos, flautas y percusión) – Sergio Lamas (guitarra) – Pablo Vazquez (contrabajo y bajo acústico) – Lulo Isod (batería).

At CASA PRESA, Valdenergro 2636
22.00 hs Martin López grande Grupo ( free jazz )
Leo Cejas- contrabajo
Rodrigo Agudelo-guitarra
Juni mendez-saxo tenor
MLG- bateria y composicion

23.30 hs FLORA AK FON ( new songs & improv )
Flor otero- voz, percusion
Jazmin Prodan – Voz , piano

Sunday 7 th

At Thelonious Club – Salguero 1884 22.00 hs

NUÑEZ CUARTETO +1 ( free jazz )
Ada Rave – tenor sax
Francisco Salgado – trombone
Hernan Rodriguez – drums
Rodrigo Núñez – piano

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 08/2013

Jazz pianist Misha Mengelberg performing with ...

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Gary Hassay
a Survivor’s Smile: Gary Hassay, as

Michel Lambert
Trio Improvisations: Michel Lambert, Dr/ Reg Schwager, G + Misha Mengelberg, P/ Kenny Wheeler, Tp/ Michael Stuart, S

Pet Bottle Ningen
Non-recyclable: Pet Bottle Ningen

Freeplay: Nick Stepehns, Tony Marsh, Jon Corbett

One Four &Amp; Two Twos: Stevens/ Rutherford/ Parker/ Guy

Gregg Simpson
New Orchestra Quintet 1978-79 Box Set: New Orchestra Quintet

Norbert Stein
Pata on the Cadillac: Norbert Stein &Amp; Band

Aaram Shelton
Incline: Shelton/ Nordeson

Emergent: Paul Giallorentzo’s Gitgo

Andreas Schaerer
Schibboleth: Schaerer/ Oester

Inviation: Peggy Lee Band