AMN Reviews: Tinku – Double Excellence (Buh)

Genuinely weird and charming. Peruvian percussionist Efrain Rozas found a kindred spirit in audio-visual artist Megan Moncrief in New York and Tinku´s debut “Double Excellence” was born, a deliberately lo-fi set of ramshackle, gonzo ethnomusicology for electronics, Latin percussion and sounds of “enigmatic origin”, which would seem to be just about anything you might find in a prop comic´s trunk. A postmodern Punch and Judy show, Rozas and Moncrief put on a series of slapstick encounters, taking tumbles and seeing how long they can hold their balance.

Stumbling onstage dazed and confused with “Double Failure”, they hit their stride with “Guaracha del Infierno”, an arrhythmic tropicália with dyspeptic piano. The titles keep getting sillier but I dare say their ambition grows with each passing track. “Lady Gaga Studied Here?” is a very small symphony in three movements for percussion (including steel drums) and scraping and scuffing. “R.I.P. Shorty” assembles itself into a kind of melody – you can actuallly sway to it. The final, title track is an engrossing, nine-minute long, spooky, invisible kabuki.

Stephen Fruitman